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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 1040

I am lost. All i do is go to work, come home, watch some tv, sleep, wake up, crib about going to work, go to work and then the cycle repeats. Its been almost 5 months since my last long vacation and i am sincerely hoping my next one is near. Work has been the usual. Scrooge and me went for an interesting movie on Friday Night - Loopers. Its all about time travel. Bruce Willis has made acted in atleast 2 different movies of the same topic in the past. This one was quite interesting and had the typical Bruce Willis Raw action that one wants after a hard day at work.
Saturday was the usual day at work. I slept late in the night as was busy surfing the net and watching some tv. Surprisingly i woke up quite early for a sunday morning - around 8:30 AM. This happens quite a lot when it gets extremely hot out. And I just couldnt get any sleep. So just freshened up and took Purav out for a drive. Now this little fella loves going out for a long drive. And when one adds viewing of the newly opened Lamborghini Showroom and a few speeding Lamborghinis on the road, his day is more than made.
In the evening, met a friend for a cuppa and then caught up with the fat guy(After ages) for a dinner. It was the usual pulling each other's legs and then spiritual talks. All this thrown in with some bitching about Avatar Baba.
Monday morning, was the usual crying from inside as i didnt feel like going to work. But then i eventually did.
Tuesday was a packed day. I had to visit Meghna in the morning. For her to tie me a rakhi which was pending for a couple of months. And really its my bad that i didnt get time to meet her.
We also discussed a few ideas which Mitul had spoken to me on Monday Night about certain work venture which we will be undertaking. So do watch this page for more.
It was also very kind of GK to make me an administrator of a page that she has on facebook.
The name of the page is Sweet Nothings.
This is the URL

For anyone of you who likes to read about interesting pieces and excerpts on good writing, i would highly recommend this one.
This one is not preaching anything. A few random interesting thoughts that one may relate to.

Well, time to go and do something very important...

See ya soon all you wonderful souls!!

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