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Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 1035

Its been a very taxing time in the last 2 odd days. Taxing only mentally. While work seems to ceaselessly increase by the hour, i have also been having some problems in trying to fall asleep. While its not insomnia but the fact is that i am afraid to fall sleep. It is not fear of not waking up but a reluctance of seeing unpleasant       dreams. The dreams which have have ghosts and that can be categorized as a nightmare is something i can handle. But there have been dreams where i see things which are emotionally hurting. And that is exactly what happened yesterday. I had a dream where i visualized something which was extremely sad and i was very low. I also happened to hear about a friend's father passing away(probably at the same time that i had this dream) so that was not a good thing either. The events of the dream are not related to the news that i heard about my friend's dad but both the events had one thing in common. The feeling of sadness. The feeling of being unpleasant. The feeling of being low. For people who know me closely, it is likely they would know what i dreamed off. For those who want to know about that dream, unfortunately it is something which is very personal and i do not wish to share this with anyone. Atleast not now but maybe in the near future i may do it.
Will sign off for now. For those who have their weekends off, have a great funfilled weekend.
For those of you work 6 days a week, Just 1 and a half more days. 

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