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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 1033

Some of you may be wondering where was i for the last 10 days. I am very much here. Its just that work has been so hectic and i get so tired by the time i come home that all i want to do is crash to bed. The last entire week, besides reporting to work early, had some personal paper work that had to be taken care of as well.
On top of it, within 3 days of buying a new power supply for my PC, it got conked off and since i am not very fond of using a laptop, the blog was getting delayed as well. On friday night, i saw a movie with Scrooge - Killing Them Softly. One of the very few interesting movies that got released this year. I would closely say that this would be an amalgamation of No country for old men and quentin tarantino's style of films. A must watch is all i can say. Sunday was one of those days which was spent in watching a lot of tv. I usually dont watch lots of tv unless there is a sporting event. I had to wake up relatively early in the morning as had to go to an uncle's place to discuss certain property and legal issues. Then in the afternoon had to meet someone else. In the evening, Scrooge and me went to buy a travel bag as he is flying to USA and his old one is getting worn. After that, after many days, i had street food in the night. It was interesting to have some hot mysore dosas for dinner followed by Tibbs frankies. Yum Yum Yum.
Then watched some amazing cricket after a long time. West Indies beat Sri Lanka in a match which was nothing short of a roller coaster ride in the World T20 finals. And after that watched some amazing football. El Classico. Barcelona Drew with Real Madrid. 2-2. And the goals were scored by the usual suspects, Lionel Messi and Chritiano Ronaldo. This is perhaps the only two football teams where the contest is not really between 2 teams but between 2 people. And this would also happen every time Argentina gets to play Portugal. Its great to watch some outstanding football.
Mondays were the usual morning blues and how one hated to report back to work. I also had to wake up early in the morning as had to meet my best friend in one end of the world to sort out certain financial stuff that i needed clarity on.
Now hopefully, what he has advised, should  be implemented in a constructive way in the next few weeks that will come.
I also managed to finish my entire back log of work on Monday evening and that was a sigh of relief. Now hopefully this wont be the case this and next week.
And its mid -week now. Lets see what else does this week and eventually the month has in store for me. 

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