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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 998

After a busy and well spent friday, it was a torture to work on saturday. But, as i keep saying, somethings are inevitable. Sunday was well spent. Went to buy a football. It was amazing that the cheapest football available was Rs 600 odd. I bought the official Barcelona FC football. It was a kind of gift for Purav who freaked out and after years, played with a football on the building terrace. In the night, went out for dinner at a lovely fine-dine restaurant - The Table which is at Colaba. It was good catching up with School friends, and i must thank my friend Anshita who recommended this place. It was a welcome change from the usual restaurants that we go to. Although it is on the expensive side and the quantity of food is on the lesser side, the ambiance and the quality more than makes for it.
Monday and Tuesdays were extremely busy. I was out of the house for 12+ hours. On Monday, i had to go to Mira Road to submit certain Documents and then head back to office. It was a wise decision not to drive but take the train because it was raining very heavily and by the time the day ended, it was recorded the highest rainfall in the city for the year 2012. As usual, the train schedule was disrupted, there were massive traffic jam, the roads were flooded with water and the disaster management of the city was just that, disaster. Thankfully i managed to avoid all that as I reached office well in time before the disaster starts. On Tuesday, had to go to the bank and then to the Vodafone Store to get a new SIM card as the old one was 6 years old and totally scratched. Again it was raining very heavily but not as much as monday. And again the story repeated.
There are cities in which it rains, practically, all 365 days of the year - Eg - London. Yet, i have never seen (And i have been to London so i know) that anything can be as chaotic as it gets in Bombay. The city is as big, has a huge population, the public transport is the lifeline and yet one will never see the chaos that one finds in Bombay during rains. Do you know what is the reason ? Its not that they have more money or pay more taxes. Bombay is the richest city in India and contributes to over 70% of taxes paid so money is not the concern. The concern is, that there is no corruption at all levels in the local municipality.
It is because Bombay's civic authority is so corrupt that the money allocated for Infrastructure project never fully reaches for what it is intended. And if, some of it does, it is always in the hands of the same old corrupt contractors who build it with sub standard materials. This crap is going on for so long that, sadly, instead of heading for a French Revolution type scenario, we have now become immune to it.
Does all of this need to stop ? Yes it does.
Who will stop it ? We, as honest tax paying citizens will.

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