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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 1023

As it always happens, as soon as i come back from my travels, whether it is a long or a short one, i always have tons of work piling up. When i started work on Monday, a fortnight's worth of work which had not come on time, piled together on one day. That and the regular work meant that even as i write this blog, i am not on track as far as work is concerned and my work is lagging by a week. Something which i detest. I am the kind of person, who, if given any work, always sticks to completing it within deadlines. And if things dont work systematically, it really pisses me off.
Monday was also a very hectic day for me. I left to go to Mira Road for some work at around 9:30 AM, caught up with my best friend who also came with me for that work and then headed for office and then came home by 11. The next few days were routine stuff. Fridat was a day when everything that had to go wrong, went wrong. I was supposed to meet someone at New Bombay and i took my Santro. And since its a 11 year old car and starting to develop snags, Scrooge suggested i take his car instead. But i didnt listen and still took my car. Result, the car broke down when i reached dadar. Had to call the Towing Van who helped me take the car till Grant Road to my car mechanic. And it was so hot that i had to come back home, freshen up and then go back to work. And as usual, there was a lot of work that was piled up at office. Thankfully since we had this weekend off, it was a kind of relaxing atmosphere in the evening at office. We decided to order Chinese From 5 Spice in Mahim. Now i usually avoid Chinese food as you tend to get hungry after some time anyways so eating a whole course of Chinese for lunch and dinner usually never resolves the purpose. I was wrong this time. We ordered quite a lot and absolutely stuffed ourselves. Even the quantity they gave was enormous. So really, 5 spice, in my books, wins the award for the best Chinese Food (For both Quality and Quantity) in Bombay. Came home and relaxed.
Saturday had to wake up early as we had to go to get the UID registration done. Typically, no one came in their office(I guess because they wanted to celebrate the public holiday) and this despite the fact that we had an appointment fixed for that day. So furiously we left and then headed for Phoenix Mills where Scrooge and me shopped at a new Fine Gourmet Store for some groceries for the weekend. We had some yummy home made pizzas. And after a long time, i slept in the afternoon right till evening. And the result was that it was nearly 5 AM till i actually got to sleep on Sunday. I woke up by around 10:30 AM today and did nothing much except go for a small drive and get some takeaway for lunch. Afternoon was spend in just surfing the net and lying on bed and watching some cricket on TV. Today was also the day of India-Pakistan Cricket match. And no matter how much i curse cricket now a days, an Indo-Pak match is fun to watch for the sheer entertainment factor. It was also interesting to see that despite India winning(or pakistan throwing the match, who knows what happened) the Indian Cricket Captain had a dead pan serious look on his face. Hmm.
Well, tomorrow is another day. And for nearly a month i will not be getting my weekends off so lets see how fast this month goes.
Well, till then, i wish all you wonderful folks, good night and god bless.

PS - How about commenting on my blog guys ? it would be awesome to hear from some of you who may be reading my blog.

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  1. No weekends off for me too... In fact m working tomorrow too.. :-(