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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 1013

So this week, again, has been very busy. Busy, where work is concerned. As usual there is always some unprecedented work that has come in office, which i have no idea on how will it ever be completed, but considering that we have managed to bring work which was pending for 8 months on track, then this should not pause any problems.
A colleague cum close friend in office and me are on leave for tomorrow. And because of the nature of work that we do, my reporting manager always has multiple heart attacks (Although he will never show us but being in that position once upon a time i know how he must be feeling) by granting us leaves on the same day. But since its just 1 day, i am sure it can be managed. Fortunately the next two weekends, i have got Saturdays off.
So for today and tomorrow my plans are as follows:-
1) Reach Amritsar on Friday Morning
2) Visit the Golden Temple
3) Visit Jalianwala Bagh.
4) Visit Wagah Border and check out the exchange of flags ceremony during Sunset.
5) Eat at a real dhaba.
6) Leave Next morning for New Delhi
7) Meet a couple of nutcases who incidentally are also very close friends.
8) Watch a movie
9) Have Dinner
10) Chill out till morning
11) Leave Sunday Afternoon for Bombay.
A year and a half back, i had made plans to visit Amritsar with Mum and we had booked our tickets and hotels and everything. Sadly, Mum passed away a few days before we were scheduled to leave.
But i still believe that places of sanctity always have a spiritual calling. You will go only when there is a calling.
At times if there is no spiritual calling, you will be 2 feet away from that place and you wont be able to go inside. I have many real life incidences that i can share with you and many of them have happened with me.
There is nothing good or bad in that. Its just how nature works and something which conventional science has not yet found an explanation.
So I will try and see if i can get to upload my blog from the Temple City but i have my doubts.
So till i come again, i wish you all a very good night.
And be rest assured i will pray for all those who wish to come but havent yet got that calling.
God Bless you all. 

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