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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 1009

Its been a very long week. I felt i have just come home to sleep and have lunch. So although i dont really put extended hours to work or go early, its been quite taxing and i have been ending up coming home and just sleeping. Sunday was never so keenly awaited. It was a long week, also, because after a long long time, i had to do a presentation on Saturday afternoon. The presentation could have been on any topic we wanted, but we deliberately chose a topic which was related to work. And basically, shortcuts at work. And it was not surprising that despite having a limit of 20 people, we had twice the number of people wanting to attend it. And the presentation went very well. Of course since it was a very long time since any one of us had spoken to a large audience, we did make certain mistakes. But my boss, was kind enough to give us area of improvements. So it was a lot of learning that happened on a saturday. And i treated my self to a nice dinner out.I was super exhausted by the time i came home in the night. Watched some tv and was just lying on the bed. Was nearly 3:30 AM by the time i got some sleep and thank goodness i got an uninterrupted sleep. And thankfully i didnt have anything to do on a sunday and i didnt have any place to go. So it was the usual sunday morning stuff and after 4 months of waiting, 2 hard drive crashes and then miraculous, although expensive, recoveries, managed to upload the UK trip pics on Facebook. So as of now i have uploaded the pictures of lake district and within a few days i will upload the ones for Scotland and London. And after a long long time, i took a siesta in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Went out for dinner at The Sun and thankfully i got a place to sit.
And now i am back home and trying to update my blog which sadly,  is not very regular. I hope by the start of next week, i should be regular with 3 things:- My Blog, My Freelance work and my daily workout.

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