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Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 1003

Its been over 1000+ days since i have started writing my blog. I wanted to write for a very long time and i actually started writing way back in 1993, but i never got a chance of pursuing it as regularly as i did in 2009. Its been 1000+ days of several ups and downs, highs and lows, happy and sad moments. I have said this before and i will say this again, not a single day has gone when i have not learnt something new. Whether its my professional or personal life. What started, probably, as something to just pass a few minutes of my day has now become almost therapeutic. Since i am a reserved person, my blog helps me express my feelings which would otherwise remain surpressed. Something that is not good for the heart. Emotionally and physically. To each and every one of you who has taken time out of their lives to read my blog, i can only offer my thanks.
So while the last couple of weeks have been relatively calm at work, all of a sudden, Wednesday onwards, again, we got unprecedented work. While thankfully, there was one part of our daily activity which was running a back log of over 1 -2 months since the start of the year, had finally come online, another part of our work which was always online since Day 1 of inception of our company, suddenly had unprecedented work.
My reporting manager suggested some system changes due to which the workload would be considerably reduced, but it took 3 days for that and as i head for work, i will have 3 days of work to be done in a single day. Lets see how that is handled.
The weekend was very very interesting. On saturday, it was an event day. Now this is one event i was waiting since the last 1 year. All you can eat pizza day :)
There was a pizza eating competition, which i participated. This was built around the 4 X 100 metre relay race that is there in the Olympics. We came fourth. We would have come 1st had it not been for an awfully slow female eater. Irrespective it was a day well spent. Between the time i came to office and till 5 PM, i had around 5 pizzas of 8 inches each. So It was almost entire day spent eating and having fun. Fancy anyone actually wanting to work for the remainder of the day :-)
I came home, watched some tv and slept. For a change, i woke up at 7 AM on a sunday morning. Had to. Was meeting a close friend after years and we were going to our all time favorite - Cafe Madras. And as usual, the place was ultra packed. Fortunately we got a place after 20 minutes of waiting and we had a lot to eat. So between the 2 of us we had 2 Plates of Hot Steam Idlis, Upma, Shira, Special Upma, 4 cups of hot filter coffee, Set Dosa,Rasam Wada and 2 Mysore Sada Dosa. Mum, had she been around, would have easily adopted my friend for having the adventure streak of waking up at 7 AM and having breakfast at her favorite cafe.
Came home, rested for  a while, had an hour's sleep in the afternoon.
In the evening, went out, after ages, with The Fat Guy and Avatar Baba to see To Rome With Love. A Woody Allen film.
After watching the film, all i can say is, Woody Allen --> Take a bow. Not only did you make my day, you probably also made my year. Awesome movie.
Had a nice and relatively less dinner at CPK.
And then i headed home. This was a very very good Sunday that i enjoyed after ages.
I was so tired that i didnt even realized when i slept.
Fortunately this monday i didnt have too much work to do so i took it easy.
Had home made pizzas for lunch and will be having that for dinner as well. What a Bliss indeed.
So now on my way to work. I hope that everyone who is reading my blog will continue to patronize it and please please please please please keep giving me feedbacks / Suggestions / Bouquets / Brickbats. 

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