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Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 993

There are quite a few phenomenons in life which can not be explained by conventional science. These are unexplained things that one has to go through personally to understand that.
It is often said that whenever something has to happen, it will only happen at that tiime. Not before and not after that. And when it happens at that particular time, if one does a bit of rewind, you may actually get answers why it happened at that particular time and not before or after that. I had personally experienced this last week. Is there a scientific explanation to this ? Perhaps we wont know in this era, just as someone couldnt explain that the earth was round and not flat in the 16th century. But now we know that earth is round (well not exactly but lets keep that for another day).
Maybe we will get explanations about certain events in our lives, specially premonitions, intuitions and other such unexplained phenomenons in years from now. But does conventional science actually have an answer for each and every thing ? That debate can go on and on.
The week, thankfully, was relatively calmer work wise. I have been getting quite a lot of deals as far as free lance work is concerned and in the days to come, i will be closing, hopefully, some very good deals.
Anything which fetches extra income is always welcome.
I did an early morning shift today. Partly because i had some important work to be finished. And partly because it was Aabha's birthday and the nice neighbors were kind enough to invite me.
Now, not being a very social person, i do not prefer meeting too many people. But i always make exceptions and my neighbors are one of them.
Like most neighbors, we are so busy with our day to day life that one barely has time to engage in any social conversations.
But it is very different with the kids. The neighbor kids and My nephew are the best of buddies. They can fight  a lot but somehow still make up at the end of the day and are virtually inseparable. Even today, after an almost 3 hour party, the kids came over to our house for playing. It seems they have awesome energy and i kept teasing them that 1 party is barely over and another has begun.
The kids also had a gala time coloring using the Samsung Note.
It was also awesome to see Little Aarnav now all grown up and even at the age of 6, can easily operate a computer and a touch screen tab and a phone. It took some time for me to get used to the touch devices and at the first time i actively used computers was when i was 15 years old. And it was almost like driving a Cranky fiat compared to a Ferrari that the kids operate today.
I am sure my parents can say the same thing about cordless phones and my grandfather (and till his last breath) had a virtual phobia of electronic devices, specially the calculator.
I have been awake for a long long time since morning and as some of you may know, the more tired i get, the more i can not sleep. So now, i will hit the sacks without any further delay.
I will read a book and go to sleep vis-a-vis watching television.
Good night all ye fine people out there. 

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