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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 982

Its been one eventful weekend. After a crazy week at office where there was just pile of work, the one saturday that we get an off every month, was more awaited, now, than anytime else. And since i am a hardcore traveller, i decided to go for a small trek in the morning. This time, the destination was - Raigad. Specifically, The Raigad Fort.
So Raigad Fort is the fort that was made capital of his kingdom, by The legendary Maratha King - Shivaji.
The original fort was built way back in 1030 (nearly 650 odd years before Shivaji) and it was Shivaji who made it the grand fort, it is today. This is the only place in Maharashtra where there are cable cars which take you to the top. So when i entered the car and it was going on top, it felt like being in the movie - Where Eagles Dare. The climate was awesome. It was cold and raining and foggy. Perfect get away from the Bombay Heat. Explored the fort on my own and visited the Shiva Temple in the fort, Shivaji's Samadhi and some statues of Shivaji along with a memorial built in his name. Took about an hour to go around the place.
I left home at around 6 in the morning and returned at around 6 in the evening. Was about 400 Kms of travelling done in one day.
Felt extremely recharged. In the night, had a cousin and a couple of friends come over. So along with Scrooge, had some pizzas and coke and talked and talked till about 1:30 in the night and then i just crashed in bed. It was also interesting to connect with a cousin after a long time and we were generally speaking about the stuff that we have faced in our personal  and professional lives and how, sometimes, we have to do out of the box thinking to find a resolution we are seeking. So hopefully, in the next few days, there will be good development on that aspect as well.
Sunday morning was as normal as it can get. Went out for lunch with a friend, to The Jewel of India. They had a huge buffet spread and had a very hearty lunch. Then, after years, went to Hanging Gardens. The weather was awesome and just sat and relaxed and spoke about the good old days.
Came back home in the evening, relaxed for a bit and then went to meet my cousin's dad who is on bed rest because of a knee surgery.
Spoke about certain financial and family matters that i wanted clarity upon and then drove home.
I slept as soon as i came home. I, unfortunately, woke up in the middle of the night, possibly due to a bad dream and felt i was hallucinating. Took almost half an hour to get back to sleep. And when i woke up in the morning, i was not feeling my usual self. Was very low and surely not in the best of health.
Possibly, my body telling me to relax and take it easy and not stress about work as much as i am doing  now.
So i decided to take the day off and my reporting manager, god bless him, was kind enough to grant me this leave.
I will finish my free lance work and will just take it easy for the day. Read some books, watch some tv and just have some me-time.
It was also very kind of the fat guy to call me and be the nice shrink that he always is. :-)
Well, i am off for the day.
See ya good folks soon. 

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