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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 976

So yes, yesterday i was, sadly, not in the best of moods. I was not angry but had this low feeling. I slept, relatively early as had to get up early (After a 12 hour fast) for a medical check up. Nothing to be alarmed. I had taken a medical policy few weeks back and this is just a prerequisite. The lady who took my Blood Pressure, happened to be a 75 year old person. She spoke extremely politely and i just felt as if i am talking to my own grandmom. It was also interesting to see someone at that age, instead of retiring from work, still active and practicing. Gave me quite a lot of boost.
Since i had gotten up very early, i came home and took a small nap before leaving for work. Work was the usual grind. But the overall mood amongst my colleagues was not a very happy one. The prime reason being, that w will be working on 15th August - This country's independence day. While many of our friends and relatives will be relaxing at home, some of us will have to be at work.
The nuances of the work i have been doing since almost a decade meant that its extremely difficult to get the day off during major public Holidays.
So hopefully, by the same time next year, i would have found a job which would allow me this liberty.
Tomorrow its gonna be a lunch with some close cousins. We would be meeting together after almost 5-6 months.
And then back to work :(

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