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Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 975



                 THE OLYMPIC SPIRIT

The biggest and most spectacular sporting event came to an end last night. Needless to say that the best bouts were held in the last 2 days of the Olympics. Whether it was Yogeshwar Dutt and Sushil Kumar winning the medals despite all odds not favoring them. The US Basketball team almost not winning the final. Once on the verge of not coming in to the final, Germany wins Men's Field Hockey. The Brazilian Women's volleyball team smashing USA. Usain Boly & Team not only winning the 4 X 100 metre relay, but also, breaking the world record.
Of course there were disappointments as well. Sushil Kumar played so well but a tough fight in the final meant he had to be contended with a silver. Brazil Men's Volleyball team had a chance of a gold medal point against Russia but The Comrades rose like the Phoenix and won the final eventually. But the biggest disappointment, atleast for me, was the Brazil Men's football team loosing to Mexico in the final. When Mexico scored the 1st goal within 30 seconds of start, it was evident that this would be their night. Brazil almost, and i mean almost, made the game go in to extra halves in the 90+ minutes but once again, it was overconfidence that gave way to Mexico.
So in the weekend, once i came home from work from an early morning shift, it was just, almost 10 - 12 hours of Olympics.
Sunday was a bit different. Went to meet someone for a cuppa in the morning. In the afternoon, watched some TV. 2 and a half men went out for a drive and some book / toys shopping to crosswords and nigh was Pizzas and TV.
I have bought a book - From Dongri to Dubai, which is kind of a prequel to Black Friday. Hope to start getting back to the hobby of reading.
And in some time, i head back to work.
Today, over and above, being a monday, is also one day when i am more low than usual. Why ? Well, i have shared that reason with a friend of mine in the morning and maybe people who have been reading my blog regularly may get to know why.
I will not elaborate on the reasons, as it would be sensible to keep some feelings within one self.
So i am hoping i pass by this day as strong as i can.
Love ya all.
See ya Tomorrow. 

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