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Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 972

Its been another extremely busy week. Work and otherwise. And with Olympics on tv every night, its been atleast 2-3 AM before i get some sleep. So while, its been great watching some swimming, diving, and track and field. Its been sad to See some of the Indian Sportsmen loose in Discus, Boxing and Shooting. But a commendable effort, nevertheless, considering that we have won 4 medals and this is the largest contingent we have sent, EVER, in any olympics. And with the pathetic sports culture in our country, its a big big achievement to even come with 4 medals. With most of the money only being pumped in to cricket by the corporates, it will be interesting to see how much money and coverage will be given to more global sports like Badminton, Boxing, Wrestling and Shooting.
And the same needs to go for our Hockey Team(Men and Women) so that they dont feel demotivated. Come on, its our national sport after all.
Today is Gokul-Ashtami or Janmasathami. According to the Hindu Calendar, it is the day when Krishna was born. Needless to say, there were celebrations all over the city and despite the unnecessary noise and traffic, there were a lot of smiles and immense positive energy that i could feel and see within people.
Over the last few days, i have been going through high and low phases. Its just that at times you feel down and out and at times you feel good. I only hope and pray that the feel good factor lasts forever.
With whatever that has happened in the last 3 years in my personal life, i can only wish that, after an all time personal low, the only way ahead would be up. Hopefully i have reached the Abyss and wont be able to go any further down.
Since it was an auspicious day, i visited a nearby temple to seek blessings and prayed a silent prayer.
Hopefully, someone up there will listen to me.
It was also very refreshing going to work at 9:30 AM and feel like a normal human being. And tomorrow i will be going even earlier, at 7 AM.
I often take these changes once a month so that i get a break from routine. I can not afford to skip work due to the crazy work schedules so this is the only way i can somehow recharge my batteries.
Well, see you tomorrow.

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