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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 968

To say that work has been super exhausting would NOT be a statement of exaggeration.Over the last few months, literally, i have been gasping for breath by the time work has ended. And when a colleague goes on leaves and you have to do his share of work, the pressure is unbelievable. I have handled similar situations multiple times in the past in my ex-office so its not something i can not do. Its just that its not the most pleasurable thing to do. Well, that is work for you. I have always had something or the other to do in the mornings. It could be my freelance work, meetings with Scrooge over some important property discussions, bank work and then lunch and back to office. On Saturday, when i came home after work, i was so tired, i just didnt realise when did i go to sleep. Sunday was spent visiting my eldest uncle in the morning. Had to discuss some important family issues and also spoke at length about the good ol' days of growing up. I was, also, impressed by my grandmother. Now some of you may think, hold on..didnt i mention in my blog a couple of years back that my grandmom passed away ? Well, the person i am talking about right now is her sister in law and technically, also my grandmother. Now this lady is atleast 85+ years in age. But i dont think she has aged a minute after she turned 70. She is extremely sharp, extremely agile and a walking talking linkedin. She, in all likelihood, knows everyonne in the community. The place where they stay. Their profile. Everything. She is, in my opinion, the most amazing HR cm PR person one could find. If she would be working for any big corporate firm, she would earn the highest in that field. But she would rather spend her time in spiritual activities. Which is fair enough. Then in the afternoon, came home, rested for a bit before leaving to meet Avatar Baba for a movie. Met him after a month. Saw The New Age Total Recall. I havent seen the one with Arnie in it, but i can say that this one was just about ok. Nothing one should make an effort to see it in a theatre. 2 of us then had a nice dinner at Blend N Brew. The Fat Guy didnt come as he had gone for a weekend getaway. Hopefully we will catch up next week for some other movie.
The olympic viewing is in full form. Have watched Lots of events,. Tennis, Boxing, Handball, Synchornised Aquatics  Springboard Diving, Swimming, Track and Field events ,Badminton and of course football, amongst many others. And i will stay awake to watch the most awaited feature for any Olympics - The 100 metres Mens Final.
See ya good folks in the morning.
Good Night
God Bless you all. 

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