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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 963

A couple of days back (And i guess its still there as i write this blog), most parts of northern India suffered from a major power failure. There was a blackout which affected almost 39% of India's Population. Trains getting delayed and cancelled, the metro rail not working, factories and offices not working, everything that is dependent on electricity (Which is everything and anything) comes to a halt. A huge loss to the economy and the very little investments that people want to make in India plunge even further. And how does our great Government officials reward the sole person who should be in charge ? Mr Sushilkumar Shinde, the honorable Union minister of power, is promoted to The country's home minister. The Home Minister in India, ranks next, only to the Prime Minister. And the following day (that is today) when Mr Shinde visits the city of Pune for some official visit, there are multiple bomb blasts. As I write, no one is reported to be killed. But this speaks volumes about our security. The 9/11 attacks were the first attack on US soil after the 1941 Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. In the 20th and 21st century, irrespective of what we think about that country, in over 110 years, that country has been attacked just 2 times. In the last 60 odd years, our country has been, in all likelihoods, got attacked , possibly 2 times a day. How did i come to this conclusion ? I still consider Jammu and Kashmir to be an integral part of India. And every time there is one reported attack or news of violence, i consider it an attack over India. And the 6 wars, and countless terror attacks in various parts of the countries that we have fought is nothing that we should be proud about.
I have kept saying and i will say it again. We need something on the lines of a Tahir Square of a Jasmine Revolution.
My last couple of days have been extremely hectic. While yesterday i had work at the bank and then at Chira Bazaar, today i had to do something which has been pending for over 10 years now. No it must be atleast 15 odd years now. I needed to get the house keys made. When we moved in to the house in 1994, we had 3 set of keys. Years back, mum lost 1 key and refused to give anyone of us the original key in order to make another set. And somehow, over the years, that was never done due to some pretext or the other. But today, i felt, its enough. I took time out and got the duplicate keys made. Finally. Now each one of us adults living in the house has a home key, so now no one will ring the bloody doorbell. Had to stand in the scorching sun to get them made.
And yes, work at office is getting more and more crazy. As usual, there is no time to catch a breath or even visit the loo for a fresh room break. Unbelievable amount of work. I am not sure if my boss is reading this blog, but in the rare chance that he does -- WE NEED PEOPLE. The staff just isnt enough.

I also happened to catch some of the olympic events last night on TV. Most of the swimming events got over last night and it was outstanding to see some of the athletes perform.
The best event was the 200 meter butterfly, where a relatively unknown Chad Le Clos won the 200 metre Breaststroke narrowly . Coming second was the favorite Michael Phelps (Who incidentally is the world record holder for most number of olympic medals).
And as i write this, Saina Nehwal has gone through to the Quarter Finals of Womens Single Badminton.
Hopefully this is a chance of a 2nd medal at this year's summer Olympics.
Tomorrow is another hectic day. With Raksha Bandhan, will have Sneha coming over.
See ya soon.

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