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Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 961

It has been an interesting Sunday. Morning started by cutting the traditional birthday cake as it was Scrooge's birthday. And as the tradition goes, the kids from next door were invited for a mini party in the morning. Went for a Brunch with The fat guy at a place called IBar at Bandra. And in the night went for Dinner With Meghna and Mitul.

1) A Birthday Cake
2) Orange Juice
3) Coke
4) Apple Juice
5) Pasta with Red Sauce
6) Pasta with White Sauce
7) Green Salad
8) Chocolate Ice Cream
9) Brownies in Vanilla Ice Cream
10) Paneer Tikka
11) Rotis
13) Dal Makhani
14) Diet Coke
15) Masala Papad
16) Rustomji's Ice Cream (Pineapple)
This constituted the food i had for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Sunday. Must have eaten like this after a long long time. Which means, the week that has begun today, i will have to go on crash diet. And which I can and which I will.
It was also very interesting to catch up with Mitul as I got a few ideas on certain property matters that Scrooge and me have been thinking about for over a year now.
Mitul had experienced quite a lot of them and had learnt some lessons, hard way. We dont have any litigations pending for our property but just that certain ideas that we have been playing around with, its yet to come to any implementation.  And we are hoping to implement some of them, hopefully, by the end of this year. Lets see what direction life takes then.
This week, i have to report to work early as a certain project is in a delayed state of 1 and a half months and we need to bring it up to date. I am not sure how going early by an hour is going to make a significant difference but if thats what the management wants, who will argue.

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