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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 959

The 2012 Summer Olympics have been officially declared open yesterday. In 2008, i didnt see the opening ceremony as i was watching a movie. This time, i was too damn tired to stay awake till 4:30 AM for the opening ceremony. I did see Ice Age 4, which was just about ok and i sincerely hope they will end the franchisee before it gets stale like a Police Academy.
I had an  early shift so i was up since 5 AM and after work, had about an 20 minutes personal religious work, after which i came home, took a 30 minute rest and then went for Ice Age 4 with a friend. Had early dinner at the Cinema Hall itself. And by the time i came home, i was so tired that i crashed in to bed and didnt even have strength to pull the curtains and switch off the lights.
When i woke in the morning, i was again, very tired. But somehow i had to muster strength to go to office. And for instant energy, i ate a Double Decker. Energy lasted for the entire day. Had an irritating day at work though. Due to some unwarranted(By my standards) system changes, certain tasks that could have been completed in a minute, will now take anywhere between 1 day and 1 light year. Why the office management(anywhere in the world) will not take the confidence of people using the systems to do their work day in and day out, will be something i will never understand.
I will call it a night. Have to go for a brunch tomorrow afternoon and need to have a good night's sleep.
See ya good folks soon. 

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