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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 957

Madness - Doing the same thing over and over and over again, and expecting different results all the time. I don't believe in expecting different results, but surely, with the way this monotonous life is going, i have reached that point where, if i dont go for a long long break, i will head for the asylum. Made some changes in routine, like going to the gym daily(Again) to burn calories and trying to sleep early, but clearly its not helping beat the monotony. Well, lets see how much it lasts.
There is something that i wanted to, put my views. Or rather just express myself.
70,000 innocent people homeless in around 60 villages all over Assam. 40 People officially dead in one of the worst form of sectarian violence in the last 11 years. All this while our "Honorable" newly elected President roams in a Mercedes Benz s 600 and our "Honorable" Prime Minister (Who incidentally has been elected from the state of Assam as a member of Rajya Sabha)....well...Rome burns while Emperor Nero plays the fiddle.
I wonder how long, we as honest paying tax payers of this country, will have to live with this crap. The people who have been homeless should have never been in this situation in the first place. My tax paying money should be used for Better infrastructure, Quality education, Proper water and food facility, a roof on my head, proper law and order and healthcare.
I detest that my money is used to buy a Rs60 million car for a person who is worse than his predecessor.
Where are the honest people like Dr S. Radakrishnan and Lal Bahadur Shastri ? Where are stalwarts like Vallabhai Patel, Subashchandra Bose who served selflessly for our country ?
Dont tell me I should do something. I AM DOING my part of the duty. By honestly paying my taxes, on time every time. I AM DOING my bit by ensuring i support the economy of this country by buying indigenous stuff(a big example is buying AMUL products - For those who dont know, please google and search how AMUL was formed). I AM DOING my bit by ensuring i support the  country by investing in companies or organizations, which invest in India. Whether its through LIC or mutual finds or Government Infrastructure Bond. Since i dont have the skill-set or the capabilities that to run the country, i do my bit in every way I can to help people do.
But looks like its not making any difference.
We are living in times when, the only way to set things right, now, is to start a revolution. I keep saying that we need something like what took place at Tahir Square in Egypt. Or like The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia.

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