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Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 954

Its been a very relaxing weekend. The one saturday that i do get off in a month was on 21st. By the time i slept on Friday, it was almost 5 AM and i woke up at almost 1 PM next day. Got much needed rest, although i need to work out on how to sleep by atleast 12 on regular days.
In the night, Scrooge, me and a cousin went to see the most awaited Movie of 2012. The Dark Knight Rises. By all means, this is an epic movie. Each and every character has been given equal footage and this time, surprisingly, the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne is not present in each and every scene. The movie builds up towards a grand finale. Everything about the movie is fantastic..everyrthing except the last 2 minutes, which i found unintentionally hilarious. I will not spoil the ending, but i genuinely hope this is the end of the Batman Trilogy by Nolan.
It was again 5 AM by the time i got to sleep as the movie was nearly 3 hours long and Scrooge and me were talking when we came home about a lot of things.
Sunday was the usual. I slept in the afternoon and woke fresh in the evening. This is the 3rd sunday in a row that i have spent doing nothing and it feels quite peaceful. Ordered some stuff from New Yorkers for Dinner and in the night i was in the building terrace just enjoying the nice cool wind. The weather, thankfully, has been very good in the evenings and nights. Wish i could say the same for mornings. And not surprisingly, again, it rained only on the weekends. Why it doesnt rain much on the weekdays for the last 1 odd month still remains a mystery to many of us. And even though i slept a lot in the afternoon, i didnt have any trouble sleeping in the night, that i usually do if i nap in the afternoons. Monday, as usual, i woke up grumpy. But today, after many many weeks, i decided to go to the gym. It felt good so thankfully, i will be able to scrape through Monday.
I am hoping that i make my Gym, a regular activity, just as i do for my work.
Well, i will go have lunch and then its back to the grind.
See ya good folks soon.

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