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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 949

While i was having lunch, i came across news that famous hindi movie actor, Rajesh Khanna passed away. This came barely a week after another famous Actor and India's first action film actor - Dara Singh Passed away. I was not a fan of any of them. I have seen a few of their movies but was never a fan. Dara Singh, In India, has always been synonymous with herculean strength. One would often say, "apney aap ko Dara Singh samajta hai." when a person was displaying physical strength. Rajesh Khanna, on the other hand, was India's first poster hero. Die Hard female fans writing letters in blood is something which is legendary.
Why am i writing this ? Because many years back, Scrooge and me were talking about how time flies and how soon we will grow old and the people we have seen in movies, sports, family members, uncles, aunts, many others who are much elder to us will die. And there are so many of them. And now, its happening. This is, the only truth of life. We will die. There is no other truth. Money, Fame, Power, Fortune, Job, Relationships, ego clashes, difference of opinions, Birthdays, Entertainment, and so many other things can mean a variety of things to many people. We spend so much time and energy on these things that we tend to forget that the only thing which is inevitable is Death. The counter argument would be that since its anyways inevitable, why not make the best out of it ? I am no one to judge who is right and who is wrong but it was my concern to bring both sides of the coin on this platform.
Today, again i had a lot of work. Somehow, over the past few days, I have noticed that The amount of work that i get (and it varies every day) is just about enough to last for that day. The varying part is the quantity of work. But the depth of the work is just about enough to be completed A particular day.
And thankfully it rained quite a bit in the evening and towards the night, so the weather has become nice and cool. A much needed respite from the rains.
Tomorrow is another day. See ya ...!!

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