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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 948

Looks like my blogs and facebook statuses have touched a sensitive nerve of some people. Well, i did provide a solution.
So while Monday and Tuesday were the routine stuff at work, i had a very long night on Monday. I came home after work and was dead tired, but had to sit with Scrooge and finish some Income Tax Return work which was asked by my CA in the morning. So that took a while. And then yesterday, i had to complete, my 1st free lance work project. So while the work itself was easy, it was also tedious. What i thought would be over in an hour, took nearly 2 and a half hours. And before i winded up everything and sent the stuff to the person who has sent e the project, it was nearly 3:30 AM. And visibly i couldnt sleep. It was almost 5 AM by the time i got some sleep and woke at around 10:30 AM. And my day at office was not that good, health wise, as i had a stomach pain and wanted to sleep. But there was a lot of workload. Somehow i did everything and then when i came home at night, i had another online project that was waiting. Surprisingly, this time it only took an hour to complete so now i can wind up early.
Tomorrow is another day and its going to be very long. Have some bank matters to attend and then its back to the grind at work. The one thing i am really looking forward, is a long weekend (As its that time of the month when i have both the weekends off) and its release time of The Dark Knight Rises.
Really looking forward to seeing the movie on Friday Night. 

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