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Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 945

The last 2 days have been a phase where, try as i may, cant get myself to sleep before 3 AM. I try to read a book while sleeping but it just doesnt help. A lot of it could be because my work timings are in sync with UK. A lot of it could also be because of some stress that is present. I had one of those premonitions again. I dreamt that the entire city that i stayed had been drowned in huge floods. Buildings came down, just like they did in movies like 2012 and The day after tomorrow, and i was in one of them. When i woke up, i was feeling low as the dream felt very real. And i also felt there are chances of an earthquake. Well guess what, there were minor tremors in North India and floods (Although not as devastating as my dreams) in Calcutta. I met up with an ol' friend at a popular joint at Bandra on Wednesday morning. We have known each other for 11 years and although we dont meet each other as often as we would want, we have kept in touch via Messages and Facebook. Although i thought that my friend wanted to just meet generally, turned out that very soon my friend will be going through a divorce as well. As i was talking about, in my previous blogs, where lots of people are going through turbulent times in their relationships and somehow i end up talking to a lot of them.
I have also come to a conclusion that there are many people who are willing to do everything to make an institution like a marriage work. But somehow, their other half(or better half) would rather throw it and get a new one rather than repair it. Wonder if they would have done the same with their cars ?
The difference between materialistic things and intangible things is that, it does not hurt when a materialistic thing doesnt work so one doesnt have a heavy heart when you discard it. For an intangible thing, like a relationship, it comes with so much heavy heart. It comes with a whole range of emotions (A lot of if is undesirable). So can we do something about this ? My belief is that we can and we should. I mean isnt that whats marriage all about ? Being together for better or for worst ? Thats not something which is said in a Christian Marriage during the vows. All marriages which are solemnized for any faith anywhere in the world, have this line (The only thing which is different is the language in which it is done).
Please note that these are only my personal views. I do not wish to superimpose them on anyone. In the end, what that person would have gone through and what steps have been taken to come to this decision, that person would know best. And as a friend, i should be standing by that person unconditionally. Which i will. However, i can surely provide some food for thought.
The work has been relatively calmer at work because most of my stressful part of the analysis work is over and done with. There is another huge pile of work which has been in a back log for almost half a year now, but that is not something which will be resolved too soon and in haste. Sincerely hoping that within the next 2-3 months, that will be completed.
Friday has come. Hoping i would catch up a new movie in the night. Or else, i will just come home, read a book and go to sleep.
Cheers for now. 

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