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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 942

Its been another mid-week. This Sunday, as i mentioned last time, i did not do anything at all. Didnt even step out of the house. Besides reading the newspapers, i slept for a while in the evening. Even the income tax work didnt start before 7 PM.
It was also nice of an ex-office colleague who was in my area, to come to my house and generally catch up for a while.
Of course, the doors of my house are always open for my close friends and colleagues. One doesnt really need a personal invitation to come over. And after many many years, i watched some parts of a tennis match - specifically Wimbledon. This was a special one for the Brits as after over 70 years, an Englishman had reached the final. And on top of it, he had a better record against his opponent. But then the opponent was Rodger Fedrer. Perhaps, the best active tennis player. And he just proved that why "Baap baap hota hai aur beta beta hota hai."
Ever since Steffi Graf quit tennis, i have not watched tennis at all, but this match was quite interesting.
So along with the accounts, home made pizzas, takeaway chinese it was nearly 2 AM by the time i slept.
Managed to see a couple of movies - Lanka - An interesting modern day take on Ravana starring Manoj Bajpai and Gulzar's under rated - Lekin.
The week was the same old grind at work. So i would rather not devote precious space to that.
Tuesday morning, i had to get up early as had to go to the bank to get some paperwork in place. And although the request i had asked was not something which was within the guidelines, the banking staff were very co-operartive in helping me with it. It was mainly, due to my family, and specially my mum's goodwill with the bank since the last over 35 years.
And after that, went to an old bookstore from where i used to purchase my school books from. Had to get certain books for Purav and was astonished at the rate of certain books. Costed even more than what my engineering books costed. And now i think, how much would the engineering books cost these days.
There was also a very funny incident that happened today. While driving down Teen-Batti (Which is an area in Mumbai) i was talking about famous (or used to be famous) Hindi movie actor - Jackie Shroff.
Now this was one guy who was the most stylish guys in the hindi film industry. The way he spoke, talked, drove, he had all the qualities of a debonair. And yet there was one side of him which was the most cool and down to earth. (Something very very few people in that wretched industry have). I know this because i know people who know Jackie Dada. :)
And when i came home, I came across this video which was posted on facebook via youtube. :-)
And really, i didnt find it even one bit offensive. Its just that, some things are NOT as easy as they look.

Must watch. When i came home in the night, i happened to speak to a friend who stays in Delhi. It was more of a general talk which lasted for almost 1 and a half hours. And it felt awesome to connect to someone, who i havent even met in person, but known for almost 3 years. We spoke, mostly about spiritual stuff and quite a lot of it has been discussed in this blog. And i learnt so much from that person as well. Well, tomorrow is another day. Will, in all likelihoods, have lunch out with an ol' friend. Good night and good luck till then.

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