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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 938

There is definitely something in the air. Perhaps it is the after effects of the full moon. Perhaps we are trying to complicate things more and more to be in sync with this complex world. I do not have answers to what is happening around but i can surely say that, somewhere down the line, my generation has stopped caring about relationships. Perhaps, everyone wants a quick fix solution for everything that is broken. What is also happening, that in a relationship (And i am specifically talking about 2 people in love) if things are not functioning well, people are tending to throw it away rather than repair it. That is the only thing which is different from a conventional/tangible thing and something which is intangible, like a relationship. Yesterday, i was chatting with 2 friends. Both of them are having issues in their respective relationships. While one is in an abusive relationship with her husband. The other one, is a young person who is in the midst of breaking up with her 2nd partner (and no she is not married yet). While the former wants to give everything a try (again and again), the latter feels she has had it with men and wants to be alone. But she is also afraid of growing up alone and mainly afraid of no one being there for her during the evening of her life. Both have valid points.
The point i am trying to make, is that, whatever happened to the "Be with each other for better or for worse?"
And frankly, why should it be worse ?
I can be for you at your worse, if it involves you being in a financial crunch or an illness. But how can anyone support an abuse ? If the other person, provides a swear testimony that he/she will not be abusive, my belief says that the person should be given a chance.
Even today i was talking with a friend, whose friend is also going through a break up. Its said that nothing is rosy and all relationships go through up and downs and it isnt simple as it looks and so on and so forth.
But really, who has made it complex ? Surely no divine powers or black magic were responsible for it.
This has happened only because my generation has chosen to do it so. Everything has to be fast and quick. No one wants to stop and smell the rose. No one wants to Slow down and let the morning last.
My work has been getting more and more cumbersome by the day. My reporting manager took a team meeting today stating that things will be even more tough in the days to come. It can be bad and can be good. Bad, because too much of work can be super stressful. Good because in these times of global recession and job cuts (And trust me the world has still not fully recovered from the 2008 crisis), atleast i have a job at hand. Atleast we have our plates full of work that we may even require an entire shift full of people and still we would have tons of work left. Its a two edged sword. So many times, i think, i wish i had the mental strength of dad. In my years of growing up and till the last 1-2 odd years of dad's life, i have never ever seen him skip work for a sick leave (he never even felt sick) or just like that. He was a part of a family run business so it was even more stressful and i have actually seen him for a number of years working all 7 days.
The only time i know he wouldnt go to work is if someone died, or his bi-annual vacations or if there was a real life and death emmergency.
Yes, the situations that he was were different than mine and the world was not as complex place as it is now. But i still wish i had that strength.
Well, tomorrow, for a change, i am not going anywhere. I am going to take it very easy and i am hoping i complete all the yearly accounts tomorrow and submit it by next week to my CA.
So i will call it a night as tomorrow, although i am at home, is going to be a long day, starting from afternoon.

Good night...and Good luck. 

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