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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 932

I would have had a nervous breakdown had we didnt have the saturday off this weekend. Its unbelievable, the kind and the amount of work that I have been doing. Well, most of my team members are doing. Add to that super high priority client queries that has to be done leaving all the other work aside(which by the way has to be completed as well). Crazy and absolute madness. The good part about all of this is atleast one knows there is work and one feels that a day off is very well earned. Thursday night was bad. Had a stomach ache (i guess that would be some unhealthy eating habits catching up) and i took a couple of ayurvedic pills that would cleanse my stomach of all the crap. Well cleanse it did. I had to "Download" atleast 10 times between Friday morning 6 AM and Saturday noon. I lost 2 kgs of mass. I was totally dehydrated. And didnt have anything to eat accept a small bite of a cake and maybe a few biscuits between Friday lunch and Saturday Evening. Guess it was one of those days when everyone i know, was under the weather. And since i had the weekend off, i spent most of it sleeping. I didnt get an afternoon's sleep in many many weeks, so it was fabulous sleeping till 2 PM on Saturday and sleeping for a couple of hours in late afternoon today. Absolutely peaceful and much needed. And since it was cloudy, the weather was awesome as well. Saturday evening, i caught up with the musketeers for The Amazing Spiderman at IMAX (And thankfully in 2D). I was not impressed by the trailers and was going to see it only because i am a huge fan of the franchise. And thankfully, it did not disappoint and stayed true to the original comic/cartoon series. Well almost original. I also had another one of those premonitions. I saw a woman who closely resembled a friend's wife that evening in the theatre. And i thought, i may just bump in to her after the movie. And guess what ? I actually did.
Then 3 of us went for a nice dinner at a place called Moksha in Chembur and it was very nice to catch up with Avatar Baba after a long time. Almost 2 months. Was almost 5 AM till i got some sleep in the night as Scrooge was busy fixing the laptop in my room.
Sunday morning was the usual. Nephew wanted me to take him for a drive and i did. Went for a drive to the promenade at Worli and he had a nice time. Saw a black comedy (Almost) called Lord of War. A very interesting movie which, i believe, has been "Inspiration" for Jannat - 2.
Also happened to see a superb football match where Italy shocked favorites Germany to go through the final of the Euro Cup. And it was basically Germans vs Mario Balotelli. Some of the talent of current world football is amazing. Of course, no match to the Likes of Cryff, Maradona or Pele but great in their own rights nevertheless.
Makes me think of all the precious time i spent watching cricket over the years when its so clear that football is so much more simpler, cheaper and entertaining.
Sunday evening was also spent with the School gang having Dinner at Jewel Of India. It was great catching up with them as well, after almost 3 months. It was just the 6 of us (including their kids) but i did get a major firing from all for just disappearing and not keeping in touch. To be honest, i am always around. Just read my blogs i Say :)
But all said and done, it was a very good weekend. And after a long time, i actually ate and slept like there was no tomorrow. And it felt awesome.
So now Monday starts, back to the grind. And so many people i know and have been talking to over the last few days who are absolutely sick to death with the mundane life.
Everyone wants a major change,...and wants it now...

I will think about that in the next few days to come...for now..its time for the Euro 2012 final....

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