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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

day 928

Over the last few days or rather weeks (And including today) i have noticed many people are frustrated. Either with their current jobs, with their personal lives, some of them are bugged with both and nearly all of them are seeking major changes in life. Some of them want to just give up working and stay at home and do nothing and just lead a retired life. Some are bugged because they are desperately seeking change. Change in the profile or some just want a change in their salary. Either ways, people are, to put it mildly, mind fucked.
I know of atleast 3 people who are so frustrated with their jobs, or rather were, that they just put in their papers. And one of them was a person who quit the 2nd job in less than a year. Today, a friend messaged me, out of the blues, to ask my suggestion what would i do if i decide to quit job and stay home and do nothing? would i be able to do that ?
My answer is yes, i can because i have a super back up plan. But not many are fortunate enough to have that.
I also saw atleast 3 people on facebook whose status said that they wanted hugs.
I can only sense that most of us are going through a real turbulent time. Like a virus, its just a thing which is in air. And as my mum always said, that when a body has fever, it has the capability to fight it and at times, one doesnt even require chemically induced medicines to take care of it.
I am sure there will be a solution to the problems that people are facing, whether its in their professional or personal life.
So how does one deal with it ? To be honest, there are no handbooks or ready answers available. It depends on the individual really.
I, usually, end up talking to my best friends (And God has been extremely kind to give such noble souls in my life) and talk it out. Somehow, i have always got a resolution without anyone passing any judgement.
So if you feel that works, do it. If you feel, I can be of any help, call me. Email me. SMS me. In a nutshell, sharing grief will only help you lighten the load that you are forced to carry.
If you feel you would need a professional help, seek it. Dont feel ashamed or scared. Some of the world's best sports personalities have been known to seek counselling. They are professionals and are much better equipped to deal with these issues.
If you feel you need a spiritual help and perhaps visiting a holy shrine would help you get answers or a peace of mind, do that.
If you feel being a part of a support group would work, do that.
Do anything what you feel is correct to come out of any issues that you are facing. I have just highlighted a few things. Sometimes the solution could be different. For eg - If you are tired of your current job and just wanna quit and stay at home, please do that.
Of course in each and everything, weigh the pros and cons and then decide which option would be the best for you. Dont do because someone else is doing it and it worked for them. Do it only if it appeals your own common sense or it is something which your instincts strongly tell you to do it.
Dont think of what anyone would say or think. They are not in your shoes so their opinions dont matter.
Its been, as usual, an extremely busy day at work. Monday was very lethargic. The day seemed to have been going forever. And as usual, i was extremely sleepy in the afternoon and god only knows how i managed to finish my work that day. Tuesday was routine.
Tuesday was also the day i found out how certain individuals in my family, who i trusted a lot (Specially after mum passed away) were actually bad mouthing me. And certain individuals who i had not really kept in touch with, have gone out of the way to help me deal with certain personal issues of mine, without me asking them and on the contrary have given me some real unconditional support.
So how do i choose to deal with this sudden 180 degrees turn of certain people in my life ?
I just choose to be with people who are with me. For the people who have suddenly changed their attitude towards me and who have bad mouthed me, i will maintain my distance.
People, who have been bad mouthing me, obviously do so because i dont , maybe listen to them, or lead life according to their whims and fancies.
I can only say this..
My happiness and my well being are THE MOST important priorities in my life. I CAN NOT and WILL NOT be able to make everyone happy.
And my support will ONLY be for someone who not just wishes for MY well being and MY happiness but unconditionally GIVES it. And there will be reciprocation for THEM.
On that note i will sign out for the night....
Spain Vs Portugal Semi Final for the Euro 2012 cup.
And best way to enjoy the match is not to take any sides and watch some entertaining football.

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  1. What do i say ... I myself have been inspired by ur attitude towards life.. And am sure i can depend on your suggestions/advises. Take care .