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Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 926

And hasnt this been a roller coaster week ? I wouldnt write about my work because its been the same. Someone commented on my blog that i need to change my job. Well, maybe i will. :) Watch this space for more.
Last week, a big fire broke out at the Mantralaya. This is the state assembly building. Now this building is very highly secured. So all the conspiracies, of a sabotage can be ruled out. As of now.
Which brings us to the next question, how effective is the fire management system ? Well, if the state government's most important building can be gutted in fire and millions of important files get burnt (With a high likelihood of no back up - Digital or paper), then what can one expect from us "less mortals"?
And pray where are the rains ?
Its just been raining on the weekends (When we dont need it) and been scorching hot on the weekdays(When we want the rains). And this weekend, it rained so less, that the water pouring from my bathroom shower seemed like a thunderstorm.
Saturday was routine. As usual, i ventured out for dinner. This time it was Smokin Joe's and some fantastic super high calories Pizza. Any guesses which topping i had ?
And the nights were spent watching some good football.
While Germany Trashed Greece (and greece became the more bunt of the eurocrisis jokes), Spain held calm against a disoriented French Team.
Sunday was spent doing nothing till the afternoon. In the evening, caught up with the Fat Guy and some common friends for Gangs of Wasseypur. Easily amongst the top 10 hindi movies ever made. And now i am even more anxious for the 2nd part to come.
After that had a late night dinner at a place called WTF at Versova. It was very nice catching up with some new people in life.
Sunday also had an interesting spiritual (if you may so call it) calling for me.
My mum came in my dreams the previous night. That would be normal. And throughout the course of the day, and even while watching the movie, i was thinking about my mum. Reason being, mum was a huge fan of gore and blood movies. For some very strange reason, she was the only woman i know who loved gangster movies and even cop dramas. I dont know of any woman who liked this genre of movies. And she was a self confessed Manoj Bajpai fan and she would have loved this movie that i saw on Sunday.
And then i realised why i was, all of a sudden, thinking about mum so much. My mum's bro messaged me that it was my parent's wedding anniversary.
For some very strange reason, this was one day i could never remember. Well, neither did my dad, but thats a secondary thing. And somehow i felt, mum's spirit was somewhere in the movie theatre watching the movie :)
Well, good on her.
And i came home to watch some nerve wrecking football. Italy Vs the Poms.
And since Scrooge and me are anti poms, we sat all night watching Italy try after try after try to hit that 1 goal but they couldnt. Had over 30 tries and over 20 attempts at target. The match went in to extra time and then eventually the penalties.
I nearly had a couple of heart attacks when Italy Missed one penalty, but then they eventually won 4-2.
Aaaagh. I hate these matches going on till the penalties. It goes late in the night and one has such a hard time waking up in the morning. And those countless butterflies in the stomach and multiple cardiac arrests.
Well, its going to be another week with hopefully some interesting news to share soon.
So watch this space for more.

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