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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 921

The weekdays start...after a wonderful weekend, it was back to the scorching heat and crazy work schedule.
While monday was spent in gloom as, after many weeks, i got a monday morning blue, tuesday started well. I saw A nice feel-good hindi movie - Ferrari ki sawari. Made by the same producers who made 3 Idiots, Parinda and many other such wonderful movies. But work was horrible. For the last 2 days, i am doing what i was doing a lot in my previous job. Cleaning the mess that others had made. In work, one is sometimes faced with a situation where one finds some one else's mistake or lack of sight while doing their task. And in order to rectify the mistake or finish some incomplete task that was left, one finds even more mistakes and more incomplete task. A competent / honest person would clean up the mess while a selfish/lazy person will just hide the litter beneath the carpet. So on a surface everything looks neat, but in reality the shit is still lying around. I have cleaned messes so many times in my last company that i have forgotten the count and somehow its started to happen here. Got atleast 3 major instances in the last couple of days and its been nothing less than a pain in the ass to have it rectified.
I believe i need to have a real conversation with my reporting manager about this situation.
Anyone's view on this one ?

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