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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 918

And the weekend ends. A lot of it was spend in eating high calorie food, enjoying close to non stop rain and a great climate but most importantly, spending quality times with best friends.
My best friend had got a job last month and wanted to celebrate his success so we decided to go to Govindas and have a grand meal. Coincidentally The fat guy was town side as well so he joint along with another common friend of 3 of us. So the 4 of us had some great laughs and had a great dinner.
And since i had a 7 AM shift on saturday with practically just 3 hours of sleep on Friday night, i was very tired. But not too tired for football and somehow managed to watch Euro Cup matches.\
Yes, was very disheartened after Sweden lost 2-3 to England in one of the most dramatic football matches ever (and would have surely been fatal for many football loving heart patients), but football can be anyone's game.
So finally i slept at 3 AM and had a very good night's sleep.
Sunday was the usual. It was also Father's day so i decided, like many others, to post something on Facebook in remembrance of dad. So I scanned a few old photos, uploaded them and here i was, thinking about dad.
Which also put me through a strange feeling. I was looking at some of dad's photos and was thinking, why does he look so different ? Why did i get a strange feeling that dad was not the special person i knew ? Was it  because its been so long that dad has left us that i may have forgotten him and his voice ?
I dont have answers to any of these questions. I just know that i CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT ever forget Dad or mum.
Guess its just one of those days.
Met the fat guy in the evening and we saw Rock of Ages - A movie based on a hit broadway musical, and just had a nice nostalgic feeling of being transported back in the 80's again,
We had a nice meal at Ruby's Grill and Bar(Previously knows as Ruby Tuesday) and then headed home.
Well, its been a nice week and once again a long working week awaits.
I am hoping to catch a couple of movies this week, one of them being Madagascar 3.

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  1. At times it happens that memories fad .. I have lost my mom at 10 years age and my sister at age of 2.... she has no memory whatsoever of mom..... its ok.... life goes on...we meet new people and create new memories... thats life my friend.