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Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 916

State Bank of India is India's Largest Public Sector Bank. It is also India's biggest bank. It has a revenue of nearly US$32.44 billion. It employs 200,00+ people and if anything were to happen to this bank, the country would collapse. So why is it that if i go to a branch to deposit money for someone who doesnt stay in this city, they wont accept because apparently their systems wont allow them to do that ?
Is this India which is supposed to be an IT super power ?
Food for thought.

So Wednesday was spent, most parts of the day, in trying to deposit cash(Unsuccessfully) and then giving up, i went to Cafe Madras(After a long time). It was so nice eating some yummy authentic south Indian stuff.
After that it was the same old work. The night was going to be long. After a wonderful football match between Netherlands and Germany, i started doing my free lance work which went till nearly 4 AM.
I woke up pretty late next day and then went to work with a laptop. A colleague wanted a software and we had to sit on the building terrace to get it done. It was extremely hot and by the time we completed our stuff and came down, we were drenched in sweat.
When will it rain ? It rained well on Sunday and now there are no signs of clouds.
Yesterday was another round of some amazing football matches. Croatia came from no where and managed a 1-1 draw against Italy. And Spain crushed Ireland 4-0. With the way Spain played, it was unbelievable. 1st goal by Torres in the first 4 minutes and he ran like a 100 metre olympic sprinter. Spain, clearly, front runners for the Championship this year.
Its friday and i am just about to leave for work. Another hectic week at work comes to end tomorrow. With the monthly event day, atleast there will be some reprieve. I am just wondering when will i ever get permanent weekends off ?

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