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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 913

Today was supposed to be the MRF rain day. MRF, for those who came in late, is a tyre manufacturing company, which for years have tried to predict the time it will start raining in the city. And for the last few years, it has always been WRONG. The rains started a week back and the tyre company said those were just pre-monsoon showers (Whatever the fuck that means). And it was supposed to rain today and the monsoons were supposed to start today. Well, the weather looked very much like it would rain but it didnt. In the night, while coming back home, it drizzled a little bit. Little being defined as Something which would make my shower look like thunderstorm.
Anyways, i woke up at my usual time today, and after quite a few days, i decided not to do anything or go anywhere today. I wasnt in the best of moods. Certain family members tend to spoil my mood. Dont want to speak more about it.
After many weeks, i had Corn Tarts made at home. Felt good. Work, was, as usual, crazy. With so much analysis to do, i just cant imagine how do i manage to do everything just within minutes of logging out ?
I have often felt the urge to write about issues every day in my blog. Issues that affect our country, our day to day life.
A famous person once said "There is no dearth of issues in this country". Poor Infrastructure, corruption, education system, politics, sports, the role of media, the IT boom, the rural side, tourism, and so many more.
What do you think ? What would you want to read ?

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