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Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 912

Dear Dad,
Although you are in another place which, and i have got this conveyed, is a very peaceful place, and though you are not physically with us, we will always remember you and all the great times we had.
To give you a heads up, your grandson recognises you even though he has never seen you in person and in so many ways, never made us feel that you are not amongst us.
We still call your cupboard as "Dad's Cupboard" and many things are lying there just as you had left them and they wont be removed from there.
And , today, like all the other days, we will only remember you for all the great times and its only due to your genes, that both of us have a major travel bug and within the next 2 years, atleast I am going to beat your record for the most number of places visited.
Happy Birthday Dad...

This one is for him.
Had quite a packed day, had to go to the High Court this morning to get certain papers to be submitted to the lawyer. Then had to go to 2 different banks to deposit cheques and by the time I came home by 1 PM, I was drenched. 
The heat after the rains is always unbearable because of the high humidity levels. I have decided that for a few weeks, I will not have lunch before going to office but will just have fruits and milk. The prime reason being that I tend to get very sleepy after lunch and that can be very bad considering that my work is from Afternoon to night.
Mondays, should be calm in my office considering that its one day which is kept for finishing any backlogs. For quite a few mondays that was not the case but fortunately it was the case today.
Came home to See France managing a draw against England. Not too many French Supporters in India, but I support any team which plays against England in Football.
For many days i was thinking, and this is going off topic, about how unfriendly India is towards the Disabled. The infrastructue of India is pathetic even for a normal person so i can not even think how uncomfortable it would be for the disabled.
When i visited countries like UK, Germany etc, i was amazed to see how many steps the government is doing to improve the standards of infrastructure for the disabled. London, for example, is on the way to make all the metro stations 100% Step free for disabled. Which means, a disabled person on a wheelchair will NOT have to step out of the wheelchair from the time he enters any metro station till the time he/she steps out of the destination metro station.
Munich, in Germany, has already done that.
Paris, in France, is leagues behind but still better off than India.
And that is when i saw an episode of Satyamev Jayate. A talk show hosted by Actor Aamir Khan who looks in to some of the most serious issues which our country is facing but never given any thought of.
Whether Aamir Khan is making money out of the TV Serial, getting all kinds of publicity etc is one thing(And frankly it doesnt bother me). But it is good that these issues are highlighted and given a prime TV slot for Sunday.
This particular episode, highlighted the plights that so many disabled people face from the government and even their own family.
I put this question to our incompetent government officials. No one is asking you to adopt or marry the disabled.
But the least you could do is make the infrastructure disabled friendly. The least you could do is give every disabled person a right to education. The least you could do is punish anyone who discriminates a disabled person while he/she wants basic education.
And all this doesnt require money(Which the Indian Government has plenty). It doesnt require rocket science. It requires willingness.
One should just visit cities like Munich and Berlin to see how backward Indian metros are.
And these are cities which have been destroyed after World War 2.
A food for thought.

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