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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 911

Decades back, when i was in school, the 2nd weekend of June was depressing. Because that was when the summer vacations officially ended and it was start of a new term in school. What made us look forward was The first rains, sweet smell of wet mud, football matches, kings(that was a game invented in my old society where we stayed) and so many other things. The days of innocence.
Saturday was extremely tedious where work was concerned. There was a time, not too long ago when saturdays were usually party time at work (in a protest of actually coming to work) but with advent of unprecedented work, all that has taken a back seat. I did, as per customs, eat out but was alone. I came home and did nothing except watch football. With the Euro 2012 started, its very tough to choose sides. Germany, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, France and Italy are all sides I support so its very difficult to choose 1 team and stick by it. So I do what should be done, support no one and enjoy a great football festival on TV. Of course nothing beats the world cup of football and with the 2014 world cup in my favorite team's country - Brazil, its gonna be a absolute delight.
And if things work good, i will try and go and see atleast 1 match in person. But thats a bit far so will cross that bridge when i come across it.
Since Scrooge is out of India for the next 3 odd weeks, I am all alone at home.
So it was, for a change, nice to wake on sunday without the usual chaos in the house and will enjoy this moment. And with the rains pouring quite heavily on Sunday, the weather became fantastic.
In the evening, went to see Prometheus with the fat guy at PVR Phoenix.
Thankfully i managed to get parking and also managed to get a table at the Spaghetti Kitchen without having to wait. The movie, although very hyped, i felt was just another version of Alien(Also directed by Ridley Scott).
Although for me, Scott's best movie has always been Black Hawk Down.
Had a good laugh at the dinner table after a long time and now i am back home, writing my blog and waiting for this week to start.
In a couple of minutes, it will be dad's birthday. Will surely write my feelings in tomorrows blog.
Till then..Good night and good luck.

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