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Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 909

So many times, someone up there listens to me. In my last blog i wished it would rain in the night and it stays cloudy in the mornings. And thats exactly what happened the following day. Someone up there has listened to me all the times and fulfilled my wishes. All times, except for that one wish i wanted, and he has not yet listened. Or maybe someone up there has listened and is not yet fulfilling it. Or is it ?
We shall wait.
Last 2 days have been super crazy at work. I dread to think how much workload would pile should i miss even a day's work. However, somethings in life are inevitable. Taxes, Death and Piling of work.
Wednesday night to Thursday afternoon was bad, though.
I finally managed to go to sleep by 2AM. I had to wake up at 4:30 AM with a stomach cramp and had to go to the loo. Same thing happened at 5:30 and i couldnt get any sleep till nearly 9 AM. I finally managed to get some sleep and woke at 11:30 AM. Was feeling ultra low, mainly because i got a very broken sleep in the night.
Called up the fat guy, as a kind of counselling session and atleast felt better. I thought, what more could go wrong, and then found out that, in a gross miscommunication, there was no lunch made for me. I just ate some light snacks and went straight to a frame shop where i had given quite a lot of pictures and posters to be framed. By Sunday, my room is going to look a mixture of a Movie Theatre Lounge and a modern art Gallery.
So yes, there i was, kind of hungry, in office. And again, unprecedented work got piled on my desk. I thouht, thats it. No ways i will be completing all of this in 1 day. But, this is ME. :)
Hum woh hai jo do aur do paanch kar de. Its a hindi idiom meaning, we can make the impossible, possible.
I finally came home in the night, much relived.
Today morning, after a long time, i went for a relatively early morning movie. Infact, i must have gone to see a movie after a month,
The movie was Shanghai. A hindi movie which is an Indian Adaption of Z - A a very famous novel written by the greek author - Vassilis Vassilikos. I would say, its a very well made film and by far the best Hindi Movie released in 3 years. In the last 3 odd years, i have seen only 3-4 Hindi movies which were very well made. Shanghai is definitely one of them.
And now its back to work time. The weather, is nice. One wonders, why should i work when i could enjoy the nice weather with good music at home :(

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