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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 906

I wasnt wrong when i said this is going to be a real long week. Its just Tuesday and I have experienced all of the following, TV not functioning, PC conked off,  The Car Battery Conking off,  Wiper-Motor of my car not working, unprecedented work coming today (atleast 5 times more than usual), a freelance project not getting done, insomnia, the terrible heat which gets worse every year. Aaaaaagh.
If all of the above wont break me down then perhaps the mundane work will. And if that doesnt than the near boiling temperature will surely do its job.
There was a long phase in my life when i detested the rains. Now i am longing for it. I understand that many of my colleagues and friends who spend a good portion of their lives in commuting (Specially the horrible Bombay Local Trains) hate the rains, and that was the precise reason i did too. But it is required. And the reason Bombay floods each year, every year, its NOT because its low lying. Its because this city has the worst garbage disposal system in the world. And the general civic sense of the people, along with road sense, is probably the lowest in the world.
I have seen rains in cities like Hong Kong and Singapore and it is quite heavy and at times even cyclonic. But the discipline and civic sense is the reason why you never have a city like Hong Kong and Singapore flooding.
But thats going off topic. I still want it to rain, and for the sake of my colleagues, it should be cloudy in the mornings and afternoons and it should rain very heavily in the nights.
I wonder how will i survive the remainder of the week ?

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