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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 904

It is said that you often need a vacation to come out of the blues and tiring feeling that you get in your previous holiday. I feel, if need be, i should be on a permanent vacation and preferably out of India. And more preferably in an European country. The thing with most european countries is that the air is nice, cold and most importantly, clean. You feel fresh, rejuvenated and not at all tiring. Even if you wake at 6 AM in the morning, you dont feel sad but you feel extremely fresh and happy. Who knows one day i will live this dream. I just read a quote today, Dont follow your dreams, chase them.
So it was back to work last week. With more and more things piling up and even more complex analysis to be done. Thursday was an eventful day. Eventful, not for me as such, but practically the whole of India. The opposition political party alliance had called for an All India Bandh - Literally meaning All India will remain close. No one will report to work. Public Transport shall not run and except for essential commodities like food and medicines, nothing will be allowed to ply or get transported. This was in opposition for the largest hike in petrol prices in the history of Independent India.
And we all know that this is not the first time any opposition party has called for a strike and this will not be the last one. And frankly, it did not make any difference.
However, for a change, quite a few people, including me, did venture out and did take the public transport(some of which was running) to work. There was not much public damage as some of the earlier strikes and fortunately work was business as usual for most offices.
I would earnestly like to appeal to everyone who is actually concerned for the corruption and indiscipline that has fucked up this country.
You want to oppose, dont call for these senseless bandhs, Do something revolutionary. Let us ALL and i mean it ALL go and just gather at a big ground in your respective city in millions and just sit and dont do anything. Dont indulge in any violence. Just sit. Be Silent. That way no Police will harm you and then maybe we will have a Jasmine Revolution that has shaken up most of the Arab World.
So who will come with me to Azad Maidan ?
Saturday, I thought , would be easy at work. Turned out I had work till the last few minutes of logging out of the day. That is usually never the case for weekends when its always party time at office. This time most of us were up in neck with work. In the night, i went to New Bombay. To meet an ol' college friend - Irfan.
We used to be the best of buddies since college in 1994 but over the last few years, we lost touch because of our work schedules. The last couple of months we again came back in touch and our conversation started only where it ended last.
It was great catching up with him and remembering the loads of fun we had in our otherwise pathetic college and post college days.
Came back home quite last and then by the time i slept it was almost 4 AM.
Couldnt sleep much and woke by 10 AM and did the usual sunday stuff.
The fat guy and me decided to meet at a small Indianised Pub at Bandra and while he drank like a fish, i was contended with my diet coke.
We spoke quite a bit and by the time we winded, it was 10 PM.
I came home and now i will end the night with this blog.
Tomorrow marks another maddening week at work with lots of other things lined up as well, year ending accounts being one of them.
Till then - Peace and love be with you all. 

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