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Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 881

Its been one helluva week. Been so tied up with countless things that i feel even 36 hours in a day wont be enough. The guys at office were anticipating a party on Monday, but i had to postpone it for Tuesday as i didnt inform others to NOT bring dinner for Monday. Tuesday was kind of crucial as i had to go somewhere to deliver certain important papers and was talking to the kind people i met. Since it was very hot and i had come at lunch time, i had food at their place. No conventional lunch but just some Apples and Mango Pulp as i didnt want to end up dozing in the car. Now a days, i have stopped eating conventional lunch as its extremely hot and the moment I have lunch, i end up feeling extremely sleepy. So i just have Milk and Fruits. Relatively easy to digest and cool as well. I headed for office for another busy day at work. The night was fun as i had given a pizza party at office, in lieu of my birthday, and everyone had a grand time. I had to wind up early as next morning i had an appointment with a professional person. What was that appointment about and how does it affect my life is something, i will leave for a future blog. I can assure that its not a life and death situation that is concerned but just generally something which has been neglected for a long time and it is more for my well being rather than anyone else. Since that place was nearby to where the fat guy works, i caught up with him and chatted for a bit before leaving for home for some light meal and then head for another busy day at office. I came home but not before having something to eat again as i was feeling very hungry after a tiring day at office. Sadly my night ended at around 4 AM as i had to do certain assignments on a kind of a part time free lancing work that i have undertaken. The assignment, although easy, took a long time because of 100% accuracy that had to be maintained. I sent them the email and just crashed to bed. Even with broken sleep, i managed to get up by 11 AM. I called up an ex-colleague of mine, due to whose reference i got this free lance job, and we chatted quite a bit. That colleague was telling me certain difficulties that were being faced in their personal life. I just remembered a saying while we were talking, never judge a person because you have no idea what is going on in their life. And somehow nearly everyone i know, is fighting some battle or the other. Whether its as tough as mine or not is not something i can say but it is a tough life.
Its at times like these, when all you require is someone who stays by you and gives you some words of encouragement.
Anyway, it was a routine day at office. Almost routine because i had to do one of the most dreaded work. Analysis of The Luxembourg Stock Exchange announcements and notices. Towards the end of the day i gave up and decided not to work in the last 30 minutes because it was a mentally painful task and couldnt take the mental exhaustion. Plus my reporting manager had left for the day so there was no one to solve my queries. And i would rather not take any chances at work,
And now i am at home and Scrooge and me are packing for the fortnight trip starting in a couple of days. Now almost 90% of the packing is done and the remaining stuff will be done a couple of hours before we actually leave.
Well, tomorrow i have another busy day as i have to go to the bank, get some minor repairs for my car and get a pair of sports shoes (Which has been pending for quite some time, considering that the last pair of sports shoes had lasted 5 years for me and another 5 years for Scrooge). Its not that we dont have money to buy them, its just that I am too lazy to shop.
And before i go, this one's for you..

A flower grows from beneath a blanket
Of fine and purest white
It reaches toward the sun for warmth,
For heat and for the light

My love for you grows stronger still,
Despite the surrounding cold
My heart is yours, bartered gone
For yours has it been sold

Its petals shine from morning dew
Its stem grows stiff and strong
It stands strong through the freezing cold
It stands the winter long

I long for you, for your soft touch
I miss the way you smile
The longer that we stay apart
The longer every mile

The flower stretches through the snow
It reaches toward the sun
And now without you the color is gone
The flower's petals, dun

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