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Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 877

What a weekend i had. I came home on friday night much tired from office. I couldnt get sleep before 4 AM as Scrooge and me were making some final changes in next week's travel schedules. I woke up at around 10 AM, very few hours of sleep. Had to go to a store near my office and exchange a shirt that i bought previous day as it had ink stains. After a long time, i had actually went shopping for clothes. That day met up with my best buddy and went shopping as had got a lot of gift vouchers for shopper's stop. Managed to buy 2 pair of jeans and 2 pair of cotton trousers and still had a voucher left for future use. We had some light meal at the food court and then went to another friend's place for a late night dinner and some general catching up. We were talking about our respective college days with his wife and having a great laugh. And he gave me a nice birthday present(Although it was much later that he realized it was my birthday). A short movie called - Ciclope made by a friend of his which was distributed by Walt Disney. By the time i came home it was 3 AM.
I had a very nice birthday. Over 200+ people messaged/called me through out the course of the day giving me their good wishes and blessings. Truly, all of you made my day. Their was the customary cake cutting ceremony in the morning. And since Aarnav has been born, there have been no birthdays without him cutting the cake along with me. And now since there are 3 kiddos, all of them cut the cake with me in the morning along with me and had a blast. I took it easy for a while in the afternoon and in the evening, went with the fat guy and a couple of common friends to 212. A nice chic restaurant nearby. Had a great dinner, great laughs and then all of us headed home. It would have been even more awesome if Avatar Baba and my best friend had made it but they had some other pre-plans. Understandable. And then something happened. Remember, a few days back i had written about a dream i had ? Where i see my mum's aunt dead and i wake up with a feeling that very soon i will hear news of someone dying ? Well, i was supposed to meet someone today morning, and i got a message that the person's grandmother had passed away and my appointment was rescheduled for Wednesday. And now i have learnt to identify which of my dreams/intuitions are going to come true and which are not. I had a very good weekend, more or less. I slept for late in the morning and then had to rush for some paperwork to be completed. And now i am on my way to office. Another day.

And this one is for her - Who i wish would have been there with me yesterday.

You were my first love and my true love, that will always be so,
After all of the heartache, sadness and never ending pain, I know,
You and I had something special and that will never change,
Because I love you and loving someone else will always seem strange.

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