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Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 876

Patience is the key to our problems that dont seem to have any immediate solutions. Atleast most of them. And no matter what the people around you perceive, if you have set your mind on getting something, even if it may sound crazy, if you have the patience and if you have that right positive, never-say-die attitude, you eventually do get it. Why am i writing all of this ? Its simple, my best friend, was looking out for a good job for the last couple of years. The current profile that he was in, was not to the best of his liking. Ideally he wanted to get out of this country and get settled abroad but since that was not working out, he wanted a job which would match his liking and closeby to home. A couple of days back we were talking and we decided to catch up this weekend. He said, yes we will meet because as of now he doesnt have any interview lined up. The tone was that of a disappointed person. I told him, who knows, something might just click. And thats what happened. Actually out of the blues, he got a very good job, nearby to his home and something which matched what he wanted in a job profile. My point is, had that person succumbed  to the herd mentality and taken any crap that was coming his way, it would have been a big compromise. But as i said, postive attitude and never say die spirit does wonders. But most important thing is, to be patient. And in the last 8 years, both of us had a near parallel life story. We have seen ups and downs together. Whenever my life had its up, his life had ups and whenever i had downs in my life, so did he. So now since he has found the light at the end of a long tunnel, i am confident, so will I. I have kept my focus on certain aspects of my things, and now matter how much ridiculous it may sound to the herd mentality, i dont have to give up and neither do i have to give in.
Today, is relatively relaxed because i am eagerly awaiting the weekend. This is that time of the month when i get my saturday off. So, if all things go well and as per plan, i am going to have a very very good weekend. And i guess after all that i have gone through in the last so many months, i deserve it.

And for my love...

My love is an unwritten sonnet
an ode to the greatest beauty
which sparks the soul into a song
and the heart a merry dance
which brings to life many a dream
such joy I now find in me
happy my soul thanks to love
that the world should hear
and share in such sweetness
the rich melody of this sonnet
still remains unwritten
but this love, such love
inspires all creation to thought
how can such beauty
be captured in words alone
to eternity I look and beyond
to read my unwritten love
is to live and watch over it

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