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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 872

And what a thrilling football match. Real Madrid won the match 2-1. with superb goals by the usual Suspect Christiano Ronaldo but Bayern Munich Advanced to the final as the game was decided on extra time and then the penalty shootout because the aggregate (including the away goals) were tied. Real Madrid played extremely well but clearly Bayern Munich won because they played more calmly yet tactfully. So now..all roads lead to Munich.
Thursdays to Saturdays were normal days as far as work is concerned. Next week its going to be much more stressful because a colleague will be quitting and being the most fastest and efficient guys around, it will be that much extra work load on us and even more pressure to complete the analysis faster. My guess is, i am sitting on top of a volcano that is going erupt any moment now. Friday was very bad. Not where work is concerned, but when i woke up, i had this extremely low feeling. A few weeks back i had mentioned how i had a premontion of death and a few days later i got news that a friend's mum passe away. Well, i got a dream where i see one of mum's aunt dying and it seemed very real. And when i woke up, i was feeling extremely low. The same feeling i got that day when i dreamt of death a few weeks back. Well till now, i havent heard of anyone i know who has died (and i hope it stays that way) but you never know.
So i rushed out of the house so that i can take my mind off things. I went to the bank and did some work that was pending. I came home, had lunch, took a short nap and went to office. I came home and had to sleep immediately but couldnt sleep till 3:30 AM. I had an early morning shift next day. I watched a very good movie - The Pianist - By Roman Polanski which was a very well made movie and possibly Polanski's most personal movie till date. This movie holds the same emotional value to Polanski as Schindler's list did for Steven Spielberg.
I woke up at 5:30 AM, picked up a friend from nearby and headed for office. Somehow i survived the day. After office, my friend(Who is a rookie) and me went for some drinks. Although i didnt drink any, i treated him to a couple of beers and snacks and we spoke quite a bit. Somehow he was in awe of me and he told me some of his real personal things he wouldnt have shared with anyone in the world.
I came home tired after a long day at around 6:30 in the evening.
Scrooge had got tickets for the most awaited movie of the year - The Avengers. I didnt have strength to sit for a movie so i let it pass, but more than that, i wanted to see that movie with the 2 musketeers. After 2 hours of trying, and failing, i asked Avatar Baba to book the tickets for Sunday Afternoon Show. I dont even remember what time i slept but it was a very peaceful undisturbed sleep that i had in quite some time. Sunday morning was the usual stuff. I left home a bit early in the afternoon as i didnt want to get stuck in traffic en route Chembur Fun Cinemas. Fortunately the 2 musketeers came on time and we enjoyed a very good movie. This movie has been conceptualized for 5 decades and finally they made it. Its a typical Good Guy Vs Bad Guy Story-line but the execution, special effects and the fact that the best super heroes we know are together makes it one of the most spectacular movies that has come out this year. And everyone has got equal and important weight-age in the movie.
We had a nice dinner at Moksha and this time it was more of me taking the fat guy's case. And now i am home, and i am calling it a day, or rather a night. And i know this week will be even more long and more tough because of certain legal issues that need to be handled on a personal front and lots and lots and lots of work at office. Besides, in all likelihoods, i will be going for some alternative therapy sessions as well in this week. I will surely let all of you know what it is all about but i can assure you that there is nothing alarmingly wrong with me.
I will leave on this wonderful poem:- For her..

Oh river flowing through the silent night
Murmuring beneath the moon, while we in sleep
Lie careless, thou, unresting, still dost keep
Thy constant course. And in our souls a flight
With more of mystery in its noiseless might
Keeps pace with thine towards a deeper deep.
Dream on, ye dreamers: could ye wake and weep
Ye would not stay nor keep that stream in sight.
Its waves slip from us silently one by one,
Whether we stand and watch them, or forget
In dreamless sleep; still through our soul they run.
Each sighs in passing, "Welcome,--hail,--well met,--
Farewell,--adieu;" a gladness, a regret;
A future, and a past; beginning, done.

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