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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 868

So it was another Sunday that disappeared as fast as it came. The Juventus Vs Roma match was good but extremely one sided. Juventus convincingly won 4-0 at home and looks like favorites to win the Serie A.
The last 3 days at work were extremely mundane. I felt like the lead character of the movie - Groundhog Day. Couldnt figure out whether it was Monday or Wednesday at work. I dread to imagine what would happen if i skip work, considering that all our work now needs to be completed on a real time basis. And none of my colleagues are trained to do my share of work. Well, there will be a way out. If anyone of you finds it, please let my boss know. Tuesday night / Wednesday Early Morning was very interesting. One of the most anticipated club football matches was going to be played. The 2nd leg of the UEFA champions league semi final. between Barcelona and Chelsea. Barcelona (The team Scrooge and me support) had everything going for them. They scored 2 fantastic goals, they were playing at home ground, the referee seemed biased towards Barcelona when he gave a red card to the Chelsea Captain(And i truly believed it was not the right decision and the didnt deserve any card, but referee's decision is final and binding so lets leave it at that), and all Barcelona had to do was ensure that the score remains 2-0 throughout the game. It would have been very easy. They had to play ultra defending game and they could have gone through the finals. And on top of it, they were playing against 10 men so they had that in their favor as well. But they lost. Well, the match was a draw but Chelsea won on a goal aggregate. They scored 2 goals in the extra time of the 1st and 2nd half respectively. And in between, the star performer of Barcelona, Lionel Messi, misses a crucial penalty. And although i will never support any English teams, i can definitely say that Chelsea got, what we would call, a poetic justice. And the prime reason Barcelona didnt go through, was because of over confidence. It was their over confidence that lead Chelsea hit those 2 goals in crucial moments. I would say, Chelsea didnt win, Barcelona lost. This is a mistake which many top sporting teams / players commit in crucial matches. So while most of Indian Football lovers were rejoicing (and this is strange since Indians have known to be supporter of Latin Nations), there were some of us who were in a sort of mourning.
By the time i could get some sleep it was 2:30 AM. I got up at around 9:30 as i had some mediclaim paperwork to be done. I was also thinking about my best friend since the last 2 days, and casually decided to message him. He called me within a minute of getting the message and said he was about to call me last night as well. Its amazing that the 2 of us share some phenomenon telepathy. Whenever we speak to each other, most of the times (infact all the times), we have been thinking about each other. The last year or so, sadly whenever we have met in person, its always been about serious discussions, wrt my personal life. So we are hoping that the next time we meet, we may just go see a movie together or maybe have some lunch together. Lets see how that works out.
I will be leaving it at this. Time for 2nd Leg's 2nd Semi Final between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.
And i will leave wit this beautiful poem for the person i love....

Loved once for ever loved: how surely sounds
This gospel to me since I learned to list
Truth from thy lips, mine own evangelist.
What thought presumes to set now any bounds
To Love whose being informs us and surrounds?
Yes, I am now become Love's pantheist;
In him and by him men, his shows, subsist,
And to his glory all we do redounds.
Our life's one purpose is to see his might
Shine through appearance, and to live by it:
His bonds are free, his duty a delight;
Linked with his law our lives shall move aright,
Harmoniously with all creation knit,
And death itself shall dawn to fuller light.

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