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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 858

A very busy weekend. Workwise and personally as well. Fortunately Friday the 13th went by as peacefully as a normal day. After coming back from Fort, Scrooge and me did a much delayed grocery shopping, got some snacks from Birdies and then had lunch at home. Left for work and it was routine stuff. Saturday was normal as well. Scrooge had his day off from work so we decided to leave together. While i would head for work, he would head to Sion to buy a Samsung Galaxy note mobile phone with some free vouchers that he had got. A very interesting thing happened on Saturday. I felt earthquake tremors, like many others. Although it was very very minor. My initial reaction was, maybe its just an after morning effect of waking up. But i was wrong because it was all in the news. Fortunately it was less than 4.5 on the Richter scale so there was no damage. But yes, my premonition has come true, considering i was in someways, affected by it. Since it was a saturday, my dinner had to be out. So i had a huge smokin' pizza and in the night went out with Scrooge and a cousin for a movie - Battleship. Based on a popular video game, the movie would make a rajnikant movie seem like bambi. I guess this would summarize how the movie must be. It was a long movie and was nearly 2 AM by the time we came home. Since Scrooge had bought a new Samsung Note, we decided to experiment and try out all the features. I am a person who is not very easily adaptable to new technology. It took me years to get adapted to a laptop and nearly 2-3 years to get adapted to a touch screen phone. So while i thought it would take me ages to get used to a full fledged touchscreen phone like a samsung note, i was wrong. Some of the features,  ensured that even a person who is not at all comfortable with touchscreen(like me), finds it much easier to operate. Of course, being a loyalist, i will always have my primary number SIM card in a nokia phone. But the fact is that my private number(known only to a selected few) is now on a non-nokia phone. The fact that a brand loyalist has decided to choose to get a non nokia phone means that Nokia, as a company needs to indulge in serious soul searching.
As i have said on my facebook wall, Nokia will have to come up with much more than a lumina or a 41MP camera if it wants to survive in the market. Yes, even if Nokia goes bankrupt, i will still use their products. But i am not sure how many people think like me. Probably not even a nokia employee.
On that note, i slept at 5 AM. I woke up at 8:30AM as i had taken a special pill which acted as a part super laxitive (Which i knew) and a part sleeping pill(which i didnt knew). And the experience was marvellous. :)
I came back to bed and went to sleep and woke at around 2:30 PM. I didnt do much after that and got ready as had to go to a cousin's home(Which incidentally was my 1st home) for a nephew's birthday party. Caught up with some common friends, cousins and had a nice time. The dinner was at the terrace, along with the party. Although i am not at all a party person, i went because my cousins insisted that i come and not be a recluse. Well, as long as they were kind enough to invite me and felt that it would be incomplete without me, i am touched.
And now i am home, writing my blog and about to sleep. Next week promises to be a very very very long week with lots of things piled up (including a champion's league semi final football match).
And for the person i love:-

Though you are not here
wherever I go or whatever I do
I see your face in my mind
and I miss you so...,
I miss telling u everything..,
I miss our eyes
secretly giving each other confidence..,
I miss those times..,
I don't like missing you
It is a very cold
and lonely feeling
I wish that I could be
with you right now..,
But since I can't be
with you right now
I will have to be content
just dreaming about
when we'll be together again
I'm missing everything.

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