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Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 856

The premonition phenomenon has started again. A couple of nights back i had dreamed that i was with my family and some other faces that i have met over the years in a huge apartment. There were some extraordinary events happening around. It seemed that there were building crashing everywhere and what seemed like a series of massive earthquakes happening. I was inside the building, praying for safety along with others while i felt the building coming down and me slowly and steadily being buried inside the building and under the ground. Felt very real and scary. The immediate scene was in a garden where 1 person said everyone is safe. I didnt understand, at start what happened. Well, the next day (on Wednesday precisely), there was a massive earthquake in Indonesia and the tremors were felt in a lot of Indian East Coast Cities like Calcutta and Chennai. There were no reports of anyone being killed or dying though. It just struck to me yesterday that once again i have had an premonition. Now this is slowly turning out to be an interesting week. On Wednesday i had to go out for some work and it was so bloody hot. By the time i reached office i was drenched in sweat. And by the time i left office at night i was extremely exhausted. I am also thankful that a certain part of my work which had been piling up for couple of months is finally online and is on a real time basis. It has taken a lot of extraordinary effort and hopefully it will stay that way. Now only 1 major work is pending, which, hopefully should come online sooner.
I couldnt get much sleep in the night as even though the air conditioner is switched on for 2-3 hours, it is very hot. I watched an experimental movie - The Waiting Room. What would have been an interesting suspense movie, turned out to be damp squid towards the end.
I have woken up at 8:30 AM today as i have another work which needs attending along with Scrooge.
Today is 13th April. It is the day of Baisakhi or the day when the harvesting begins. Celebrated with lot of frivolousness in Punjab/ Similarly Bihu is celebrated in the state of Assam.
Its also the dreaded friday the 13th when traditionally something of the other has always gone wrong with me or my life.

However today is a very important and a sad day. Today is the 93rd Anniversary of the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre. This day over 1000 innocent people were killed when Reginald Dyer ordered firing on a peaceful mob fearing a rebel.

Well, i will leave for the day. 

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