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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 854

There is a theory. Most Crimes / Accidents / Weird Behavior of humans take place during full moon. Last week. there were reports of atleast 5 road accidents, one of them being as weird as a Double Decker bus going turtle and killing a bike rider on the spot. The others were clear indications of Drunk Drivers. Even in humans, and specially people who have a lot of spiritual inclinations, the full moon period will be the one in which they will be at an all time low. I wouldnt have believed this theory, but i have observed this to be true because i have experienced it.
I have come across an article which i would like to share. How much you would believe in it would be your call but it would be something that you can take some time off to read.

The last couple of days at work has been quite mundane. Almost everyone at work wanted Sunday to come as fast as possible. Infact when i went to work on Monday, i felt, WTF, i felt i was at work, just yesterday. How come the weekend flew by so fast ? And this sentiment was common with many of my office colleagues. But these are professional hazards that so many of us face. Does that mean its time i took another break ? But hold on, didnt i just take a break a couple of months back and went with the 2 musketeers to Goa ?
Aaagh. Work, personal life crisis, sleep deprived (Even though i always get 8-9 hours of sleep daily), exercise deprived. I believe i need a real long long long vacation. Or i need to move some place far from this polluted city.
Well, its Wednesday and its back to work again. I have gotten up early today as i have some personal work to attend.
And before i leave, i dedicate this poem to her..

There is something deep inside my heart 
There is something wonderful in my life 
There is something I would never do part 
There is something I am so grateful for ... 
This is really all you, my sweetheart, 
And I will love you forevermore.

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