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Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 852

I had one of the worst days on Friday. I had left home for Mira Road at around 11 AM. I just missed the train and had to wait nearly 20 minutes for the next train. After i completed my work, my friend and me had some lunch and headed back to office. We were waiting for a train at one of the platforms. The train never came on that platform but at another platform. And there was no announcement. Damn the railways. We did finally reach office and were 1 minute late than the stipulated buffer time. Which means, in all likelihood, for no fault of ours, we may just get marked half day. Curses to the railways. And it was so hot that i felt i was in a furnace.
This weekend was that time of the month when i get my Saturday off as well. I came home, friday night, and was planning to sleep early. However Scrooge and one of his school friend were in my room discussing some financial stuff. So i was kinda hooked on to surfing the net on the laptop. Then we were rtalking about our good ol' school days (Since all of us went to the same school) and Kashyap and me were talking about some hilarious events of College. By the time, i went to sleep, it was 5 AM. With great difficulty i managed to wake at 11 AM. I had my shower, went to the bank across the street for some work and came back home. The weather report said it was 33 degrees in Celsius. I refuse to believe because it surely felt like 40 and was that short trip across the road, itself, was so bad that i had to come home and take a shower again. Hate the heat. And this is just the start of summer. Wait till mid - may.
In the night, we had a get together of sorts at a cousin's place. It was just cousins(From my paternal side of the family). There are around 13 cousins and with their spouses and kids it would be around 35 people. But getting all of them together would be a near-impossible task because of the various geographical places that we are located and the schedule conflicts. But it was good to see quite a few turn up nevertheless. After a nice dinner and dessert, headed back home. Was super sleepy so just crashed on bed. Woke up at around noon. Went to uncle's(Dad's bro) house after many months as had to discuss some important financial matter. Then came home, relaxed for a while and went out with a friend to Worli Sea face(A popular promenade not too far away from home) and chatted for a while. Then headed to Chembur at B&B and caught up with the 2 musketeers after ages and had a nice dinner. Avatar Baba had to go home after dinner but the fat guy and me went for a long drive along the Palm Beach road at New Bombay.
And now its monday and back to the grind.
Some of you have asked me whether my stopping of dedicating poems to my beloved is an indication that i dont want her anymore or that whether i have forgotten about her. The fact of the matter is that i havent.
The fact is that even if, today, things work out between both of us, i would do anything for that.
So if she is reading this blog or if anyone who knows her is reading this blog, you would know what i mean,

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