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Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 849

Its been a tiring week. Tiring because i am almost on my toes doing something or the other. Whether its at work (Where now more people have quit and the workload's become real taxing) or at my personal front where i was seeking some inner peace through a spiritual journey i took on Wednesday evening. I am not at any liberty to discuss anything on that because it is an extremely private matter. Those who are very close to me know exactly what i am talking about. But i pray from within my heart that the journey undertook will heap its reward upon me. From the outskirts, it would seem i am being selfish. Yes i am. Because i am asking for me. For my well being and for my happiness. Something which i havent been doing for some time now. Yesterday night i caught up with some school friends at one friend's place. An ol' school friend, Vinod, is a new father. I didnt meet his kid as yet so it was good playing with little Aarav and also catching up with the ol' gang. And somehow i had hunger pangs at midnight. So, after years, stopped by at the Haji Ali Juice Centre and had a Pizza and Pineapple Juice. Also took home some yummy mango cream which was enjoyed by Scrooge as well. I am up now and ready to go to work. Working on a good friday after a long time. Dynamics of my work being, working on a public holiday, mandatory. Unless its a life and death situation. I will be heading for Mira Road with a friend for his work. And for which he feels he needs my help. Well, if i can, why not ? And then to office and fortunately i have my weekends off for this month tomorrow.
Last 2 days, from a religious and spiritual point of view have been interesting. Yesterday was Mahavir Jayanti. Mahavir, being the last of the Jain Tirthankar or what is known in english as a ford-maker. Today is Good Friday and Hanuman Jayanti. Hanuman being the famous demi-god who besides being a protector is also a great spiritualist. And i believe everyone would know the significance of Good Friday.
I, humbly, seek blessings from these souls and i hope i get what my heart seeks.