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Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 845

Its one of the most quietest weekend that i have spent. Not that i have a colorful weekend but yes, mentally, its been very very quiet and its gonna take some time before i can come out of this low phase. Saturday was just another day at work. I was awake since 7:30 AM as i am just not able to get sleep. I dont get tensed but yes because i get low, i dont feel like sleeping at all. Saturday was the last day for 3 people in our office. There was a small farewell party and its going to get more tough with people leaving left right and centre. In the night, had quiet dinner with a couple of office colleagues at a nearby restaurant. We were discussing how everyone was going through a low phase in their personal/professional life. After work, spoke with the fat guy. We again, discussed the same thing. Now the spiritual explanation for this was that there are a lot of unusual solar flares in the earth's atmosphere. And besides affecting the magnetic fields, it also, somewhat affecting the way humans are behaving. And many of them are going through a low phase. I sincerely hope and pray that this phase would end for all.
Sunday was very quiet as well. I woke up early (8am is very early by my standards for a sunday). I did the usual sunday things. Went to meet my mama who was happy to speak. In the afternoon, i slept for a while(After ages). Ordered some nice food from new yorkers in the night and then went with kashyap to see the Wrath of the titans. I saw 3 movies over the weekend. There will be blood(for the 3rd time), Escape to Victory(Nice feel good movie) and the wrath of the titans(ho-hum at best).
I woke up again, very early, today. 7:30 AM. Dont seem to be getting sleep, considering i have to work till 11PM everyday. And its gonna be another mundane week.
I still cant forget my wife. Well, ex-wife if you would like to call it. If only there would be a miracle and things would work out. If only...

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