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Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 842

I have been at an all time low since last couple of days. I do not feel like talking to anyone or even doing anything. I went to office only so that i can not loose any sanity. I worked more hard and the hours that i put in were more than the average that i put in, otherwise. So yes, temporarily, you have some respite. But once you are back home, the sense of whatever has happened since the last couple of days tends to choke you from within. I know a lot of people say that you should move on, forget the past, life goes on and so on and so forth. But honestly, how many of you have been where i am ? How many of you know precisely how i feel ? How many of you have invested years in a relationship only to have it broken in less than half that time ? Yes, i know the world wont stop for my grief and neither does it care. I dont expect it. But then dont say anything just for the heck of saying it. Not for me or for anyone who would have been in my place. When a person dies, we always hear the same people say that it was god's will and life goes on and so on an so forth. They even expect us, in time, to forget the person and move on. Move on where buddy ? Yes, my life will not stop but how do you expect me and why do you expect me to forget that person ? Its a moral low if i do that. Many a times i feel, i should just cry out so that i can let my emotions out. And it is very healthy to cry. And because many men can not get their selves to do that, they suffer from heart attacks. Women have been traditionally lucky that way. But physically, i could never get myself to do that. Not because i dont want to but because i just cant. I have years of sad emotions that are piled in me which needs a proper outlet to come out. My blog, partly serves that purpose. Hopefully one of these days, my eyes will serve it too.
If any one of you genuinely care about me, then stop preaching. Give me advice or preachings only if i ask.
2-3 people in this world have a right on that and they know who they are. For others, without any disrespect, all i seek from you is unconditional support. If i seek your advice you will know because i will ask.
The fact still remains that i love her.

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