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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 837

I made a new friend last week. Most of the times, when one makes new friends, you usually share something in common. It could be as trivial as liking a famous music band or something as important, as lets say, a marriage. I was out with a friend for a cup of coffee at Inox - Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.Its a huge coffee joint and despite me not being a coffee fan, i ordered some hot double chocolate flavored latte with lotsa whipped cream. Was out with a friend and we discussed quite a few things. The most common thing we had was loosing a parent(in my case both of them) at a relatively early age. I thought, maybe, the feelings and the notions that i am going through or have gone through would be unique. But it was interesting to know that i am not alone. There are people who, perhaps, share the same feelings as me and have gone through similar situations in life like me. Then came the topic of intuition (and i swear it was my friend who raised the topic and not me). My friend shared how it was a case of intuition where the friend figured out that my friend's father passed away. And how their family, even after death, could feel his presence. I thought, ok so i am not the only one who has felt this. We connected very well due to this conversation. Workwise it was a very very tiring week. The work just seems never ending. I am afraid that even if i skip work (which will happen because i always want to take all my leaves planned), i will have a lot of work piled up. And the irony is that my work is such, that in the entire office, apart from my reporting manager, it is only i who know how to handle it (i am sure even my boss will be fumbled if i give him some of the analysis that i do). The best part would be to ensure that work is rotated. But sadly due to a staff crunch, we are not at the liberty to do that.\
Hopefully by the end of next month, things will go back to normal. But as the saying goes - "Normal is what ?"
Saturday night was slightly interesting. I came back from work and was kind of hungry. So i went to this famous Pav-Bhaji restaurant near my house. Sardar. Now this is one place which is open till very late in the night and very crowded. So even if you feel hungry at 1AM, you will always find people and you will always find food. I had some nice pav bhaji and came home and just relaxed.
Sunday was well spent as well. Since it is almost a year since mum departed, my mama(her brother) and family decided to have a small family lunch at home. Before that we offered prayers for the faithful departed. Since it was 2 deaths in a span of 9 months last year, the family felt it was important to have a small prayer offering. We had a nice home lunch(me having a proper lunch on sunday after many weeks) and then  we talked about everything general. And its been a family tradition that whenever there is a family lunch, the host always gives, either a return gift(any small memento) or any extra food is distributed in tiffins to the family,. Its more of a very old tradition rather than anything else which, i hope, will continue.
Spoke with mama and had a nice time. Just how mum would have liked. She detested anyone condoling and would always prefer remembering the faithful departed with a smile rather than crying hoarse. I dont remember my mum wailing and crying when my dad passed away or even when her mum passed away. She may have cried in private but the important thing is, it was private.
But to each his/her own.
And as i write this blog, i was just thinking, it will be a year tomorrow since mum left us. I will be writing a special blog tomorrow and cant believe that this last 1 year has gone so fast. So many things have happened. And we just learn to live and take each day as it comes.
So i will leave..
Of course there will be a very special ode to someone i still love despite the fact that the person i write about, may or may not have the same feelings towards me:-

In your eyes shines pictures of us;
sweet memories and secret promises.
The curve of your lips in that special way;
brings me to my knees....always.

Nothing means more to me,
than what I always crave to see.
The curve of your lips in that special way;
your beautiful smile that makes my day.

In your smile there's tenderness;
like a sweet caress...I need it.
The curve of your lips in that special way;
your beautiful smile makes everything okay.

And nothing seems to mean as much;
And nothing seems able to touch;
me, like your beautiful smile.

It move the earth and shakes my world.
Your's beautiful.

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