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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 833

From friday, and next 2 days after that, i have spoken to atleast 6 people via different mediums. Internet Chat, SMSes and Phone. Why those individuals chose to speak to me, i am not quite clear, but i am humbled that i made an attempt to help them. All of them, wanted a good job. While most of them were bugged of their existing jobs, a couple of them were looking out for new jobs as they were without ones. The ones who were bugged of their existing jobs, had one thing to share in common. They couldnt handle office politics. They couldnt handle people. In the last 12-13 years that i have been working, i have found out one thing. Your job profile isnt difficult to handle. The work you do isn't something that can not be managed. If you are working in odd hours, you can still find ways to deal with it (People in emergency fields like doctors do that all the time). But people, how do you handle them ? Its very easy to say that, come about do your work and go. Dont get involved in office politics and so on and so forth. But really, you have to work with these people every day. In all likelihoods, you see these people more than you see your own family. A good workplace, in my words, is somewhere, where irrespective of your work profile and dynamics(and sorry, i dont consider people as a part of dynamics), you will have good people to help you. I have worked with some of the most kindest people in my ex jobs, and that made working in real odd hours of 1 and 2 in the night, very easy to handle. But those situations were far and few in between. So in whatever little way i could, i helped everyone who called me. I sincerely hope things click with all of them and they get jobs that make them feel good about going to work. Something, which i am able to do today. And believe me, its never about the money. I had the opportunity to be a part of high paying jobs which i choose to decline. Because i knew that i wouldnt be able to handle people. Ask me to work all day and i can do that. Ask me to handle people, i am sorry, that is not a skill-set that possess.
Right now there is a lot of work happening in my office. Due to high attrition, the pile has increased. As a good employee, i have always given above average efficiency and done my share of labor. But i cant say the same about others in my team. Well, hopefully this is a part and parcel of the nature of work i do and maybe in a few weeks, things will come back to normal.
On a personal front, its been the usual stuff. I have watched an interesting movie - Buried. The entire movie is shot in a coffin with a person trapped inside and trying to get out. I wouldnt recommend watching this movie at night while sleeping(As i did) as it is very claustrophobic. Otherwise its a very well made movie.
I have woken up relatively early today as i have got to go to the bank and i have to go to the court for a new matter which requires legal consultation.
For my loved one (Hope she is reading my blog, does anyone know if she is ?) i want to say that, maybe there are just a few days left. But we can surely give workout on issues. Things and situations have changed.
I will leave for the day an dedicate this poem to her:-

The perfume hidden at the rose's heart;
The inner sweetness of a dream; the cry
Of sorrow that escapes within a sigh,
The love within a kiss; the spiritual counterpart
Of a swift meaning motion of the eye,
Or lights that on the lips are born and die,
Named smiles:--all this to me and more thou art.
Search in thy breast, and see what holiest thing
Dwells inmost of thy thoughts, fulfilling each,
A soul unto the body of thy speech:
Then I in thee, as thou in me, shall sing,
And heaven in both, and both in heaven's reach--
Skies in our heart and skies about our wing.

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